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Documentary on marrying a psychopath

Sat May 04, 2019 7:17 pm by D3lt4

Hello there,

Just watched this. It doesn't show the unbelievable pain the victims go through at the psychological level, but I like it finally exposes some of this dirt. Some brave people willing to speak publicly about this, it definitely helps. I like it because it is not too centred on psychological terms, but it just shows how it happens in simple terms so the people can get a rough idea.

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The secret techniques the psychopaths don't want you to know

Sun May 12, 2019 10:35 pm by D3lt4


This is my way to get revenge on the psychopaths, all of them, that have tried to kill me many times, and the torture I've been through. This is a revenge against not just one of them, but all of them.

1. They're always watching their prey with a very elaborate technique, you will never suspect you are the main focus of their attention.

When you are next to a psychopath, the psychopath …

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When Triggered, how to get rid of the "Uneasy" feeling.

Sat Mar 23, 2019 1:06 am by sara44

When i get triggered by something, it's frustrating for the "Uneasy" feeling to last for hours or all day. It's mind boggling, because i know what's happening, know i've been triggered, know what it reminds me of in the past, use grounding techniques and still the "Uneasy feeling" remains. Does anyone have ideas how to stop the feeling?

How to be invisible from your narc online

Tue May 19, 2015 2:07 pm by gigiminer

Not really - more like how to be almost invisible - for those who may wish to post but don't know how to manage without getting caught by the narc.  A few possible solutions - tho' I realize that not everyone can find space and time to manage to get out of the monitoring of their situation.

*Use a computer not your own (library, café, friend) Because sometimes they put keystroke software on …

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(dark) pattern finder

Sat Apr 20, 2019 11:49 am by D3lt4

Hello Spartan friends,

I have 2 psychopaths in my team at work. One of them is my manager. He's a covert narcissist in the way that he performs everyday the role of an IT nerd or something like that.

The other psychopath is a woman.

I'd like to share with you how I've become an oberserver and the things I've seen so far (quite amazing findings I must say).

The first days at work, I noticed …

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The power of getting in touch with your feelings

Wed May 01, 2019 10:12 pm by D3lt4

Richard Grannon the Spartan Life Coach - Portal Article-0-12BEF112000005DC-571_468x286

Hello there,

I found this interesting and related to Richard's point of view of healing. There is a moment in the documentary that is truly shocking to me.

It shows the G.P. that prescribes methadone to addicts talking to him. She is deeply convinced that what she does …

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The (maybe) strange relationship between psychopathy and veganism

Thu Apr 25, 2019 2:11 pm by D3lt4

Hello there!

I've come up with this subject several times in my life and I can't quite wrap up my mind around this.

As I think understanding how they control us is vital to avoid being controlled, I dove into this subject a little trying to find some answers.

As for the relationship between a psychopath that is *not* vegetarian and the rest of the world, I understand this point of view. It …

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New research on psychopathy through the victims

Mon Apr 08, 2019 6:39 pm by D3lt4

Hello, I keep asking myself about ways where we, as victims of narcissistic abuse, can be useful in the fight against these individuals.

I'm shocked with the fact that professionals in the field claim to have very little info about psychopaths. They only studied them in prison.

I believe this is one of the important reasons, but not the only one, psychopaths is an under-researched subject.

I …

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European elections ahead

Tue Apr 02, 2019 7:35 pm by D3lt4

European elections ahead, and migration and division are worrisome issues. I quite liked this person's view describing the situation.


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