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    How to be invisible from your narc online


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    How to be invisible from your narc online

    Post by gigiminer on Tue May 19, 2015 2:07 pm

    Not really - more like how to be almost invisible - for those who may wish to post but don't know how to manage without getting caught by the narc.  A few possible solutions - tho' I realize that not everyone can find space and time to manage to get out of the monitoring of their situation.

    *Use a computer not your own (library, café, friend) Because sometimes they put keystroke software on your machine.
    *Create your secret ID via that outside machine and only log onto that when you can
    *Don't write down any of that info anywhere - ever.
    *If you must use your own hardware (phone, tablet, pc, etc) delete all history, cache files, etc.  Then go visit a few inane sites to refill the history.  Empty history is a give away - so go look at shoes or sports or some such to fill it back in.
    *Never keep any kind of journal (tho' journaling is one of the best things for you) until you have a safe place to store.  A thumb/flash drive is usually small enough to stash someplace.  Some of the best hiding places are in plain sight.  A book on a shelf that never gets read.  A vase that sits on top of something.  In a container that houses something the narc never uses but is always there.  (new additions will be inspected, so don't stash anything until it's old news)
    *Don't keep a calendar of appointments (except for standard, run-of-the-mill ones) - narcs have been known to interfere with schedules in order to keep tabs
    *Don't tell anyone (except a very, very trusted confidante) anything that you don't want the narc hearing.  They befriend your friends and somehow get them to tell them what you say.  Better to find someone who's never met the narc and will believe you when you talk to them.
    *Try not to feel guilty for having to do any of this.  It's survival until you can get away.  And when you do feel guilty (because we're always feeling guilty), do your best to stay quiet and occupy yourself with something else until the moment passes.
    *If you need to vent and need to write (I like fountain pen and nice paper), destroy it once you're done so it's not able to be read.  This provides you the release of the writing without the evidence to be used against you later.

    Anyone else have things they found themselves having to do in order to survive?

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    Re: How to be invisible from your narc online

    Post by femmedelaren on Thu Apr 28, 2016 4:08 pm

    In line with your 4th suggestion: Certain browsers (like Google Chrome) have an "Incognito" function which doesn't save browser history, auto-fill, etc. This could be a resource if someone does have to use their own hardware. Then they don't have to clear the browser history and can just go to a couple innocuous sites afterwards in regular browsing mode.

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    Re: How to be invisible from your narc online

    Post by daisy4 on Sun Nov 12, 2017 9:27 pm

    startpage or duckduckgo

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    Re: How to be invisible from your narc online

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