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    Results of audio affirmations I made on my phone.


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    Results of audio affirmations I made on my phone.

    Post by trueself1 on Wed Mar 09, 2016 5:07 pm

    After the video about affirmations for complex PTSD I realize how much I need to drill the positive thoughts into my head daily and a few times a day for like 5 or more minutes a day. I just started doing it again a few days ago. It was so hard to get started and trying to get creative with coming up with round the houses/legalease affirmations to bypass the inner critic but I managed to create a few. It feels really awkward at first to listen to yourself but even in a few short days you start to feel more motivated and positive if you work them.

    I also noticed myself finding it eazier to notice when my negative thoughts arise and immediately i pull up my voice audios on the iphone and plug in my headphones to start countering them by brainwashing the postive self talk in. I now do them as soon I can when I get the sense that the negative feelings and inner dialogue creep up. It really helps to do them first thing in the morning for like 10 mins while breathing deeply and also in the evening before you go to bed. I notice that I'm turning less to substances in the evening the more I work these affirmations.

    I wouldn't worry about trying to make perfect affirmations in the beginning because you will gradually start to figure out on your own how you can improve them just by relistening and repeating. The ideas for more improved ones will kinda just organically start coming to you the more you listen to your more primitive ones. I'm trying to come up with one new affirmation like every day or every other day, because they start coming to me eazier. Anyhue, just thought I would share how this is going. Very Happy

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    Re: Results of audio affirmations I made on my phone.

    Post by midget8686 on Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:29 am

    thanks so much for this post... when I heard Richard suggest making the affirmations on our phones, I really believed that it would be helpful for me, but never did it. I appreciate you saying how you felt awkward and stuff as my own feelings of anticipating feeling weird to actually listen to them would be something that would stop me from taking action to try it out.

    I am going to make some right now and I'll check back here to share how it's going.

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