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    welcome to the forum, introduce yourself :)



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    Re: welcome to the forum, introduce yourself :)

    Post by daisy4 on Mon Apr 10, 2017 3:35 pm

    hey all Smile

    glad to find you all. I come from a family rife with npd and always knew 'something' was up.  I didn't know it had a name until about 5yrs ago when the research began.  i'm not where I want to be and am battling what I believe to be c-ptsd, but I am happy to no longer be where I was, mainly due to several youtuber's sharing there awareness and understandings.  many thanks to you all.

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    Re: welcome to the forum, introduce yourself :)

    Post by pinguin on Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:01 pm


    Are people still doing intros? I'm a bit late to the party, I think. I - my mother I suspect has NPD and probably also paranoid PD - not diagnosed by a medical professional, as she is of course entirely mentally healthy and only unfortunate enough to be surrounded by the weak and oversensitive  Very Happy I knew from early on that there was something not quite right but I didn't hear the term NPD until about 18 months ago when I was watching Disney's Tangled with my kids and I was like "hey wait now, what is my mother doing in a Disney movie?" Googling produced among other things a link to one of Richard's videos, and the rest is history. Unlike most people on the forum I think, I haven't actually dated any narcissists, but I've had a few "friends" that were definitely in the narc ballpark, and I've had my arse thoroughly kicked by an NPD boss, and just generally, I have that victim stance that tends to attract them. It's like with drunks on the bus. They can tell we're going to be sympathetic, can't they? Every. bloody. time.

    Watching Richard's videos and reading around has convinced me that I probably have CPTSD. I'm working on my recovery, particularly important because I have two small kids who I'm trying to not mess up.

    Rhonda Keniston

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    Where to Begin

    Post by Rhonda Keniston on Wed May 03, 2017 5:18 pm

    While looking for information about NPD, because I am confident my mother is borderline and a covert narcissist... She has not been diagnosed and (I believe) WILL NEVER allow herself to be. If she did, she would disagree and dismiss the diagnosis anyway. Mental health professionals pointed me in the direction of BPD, after I gave several examples of her behavior. (Trying to cover family history for my son, who has bipolar II disorder...and who is doing very well). Information on BPD did touch on narcissistic behavior, but I did not explore that at the time. After coming across Richard's information and videos... her behavior really crosses over into the covert narcissist descriptions given.
    She has treated me like the golden child, to a point and my dad as the black sheep.... I am an only child. From a very young age, I felt responsible for her happiness and absolutely did not want to disappoint her. However, at a not much older age, some of her behavior did not seem "right" to me??? If she noticed me getting close to other people, she would say negative things about that person... At a very young age, I learned to hide my feelings. I only allowed myself to feel them in private. Anyway.. my parents are in their mid 70s and doing well (physically) overall. They live in their home and take care of themselves. I am nearing retirement and she has been "laying the groundwork" for a couple years to manipulate me into moving closer to them so I can be her handmaiden... As an only child, I am the one caregiving "the right thing to do" falls to.
    If she was not my mother (immediate family member) I would have never had a relationship with her personality to begin with. I hate negativity and drama... I do not disillusion myself with rainbows and unicorns (though they are a pleasing visual). I just prefer to look at the positives... My point was not to ramble on about myself so much, I am not sure where to begin as far as Richard's various courses. Which apply to my situation. I have been trying to find more information on having him actually coach me a bit. I am not a "techy", and have not found that information.

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    Re: welcome to the forum, introduce yourself :)

    Post by Initiated on Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:42 pm

    Hi everyone and thank you for this forum - I have been an avid Spartan Coach fan for a couple of years now. I stumbled across Richard's youtube channel when I went searching on the web for clues and was grasping at straws to comprehend what was happening to me back then. His video on Grey Rock basically saved me from a family member.

    Excuse me, but English is not my primary language.

    Currently I am, for the first time in 15 years, completely free of antidepressants (SSRI medicine) and I do not know what to make of it - I feel like I have been asleep for just as long if not my whole life. I read up on Cluster B and feel that I resonate with the description of Borderline (BPD) and that I have narcissistic traits as well, unfortunately.

    Upbringing went on in a dysfunctional family where my parents seem to match the description of BPD as well as NPD. Very few boundaries. Everything looked nice on the surface, but underneath it was very chaotic, it was emotionally and financially a very unstable environment. Dad cheated on my mum, tried to commit suicide. Felt as if my siblings hated my guts, like I was unwanted. We moved around a lot, I experienced lots of bullying, was told to toughen up and i have tried both toxic roles - being the black sheep as well as the golden child. I think all my siblings have tried to be put on the piedestal and then discarded.

    My father died when I was 9 or 10 and I had to take care of my mother and her grief consumed everything. All family members close by show very narcissistic / self absorbed traits. My sister carried on a terror regime for years towards me until I cut ties with her some years ago after serious threats from her. I have suffered from eating disorders, substance abuse and exhibited rebellious, unresponsible behaviour. On the surface you can not tell these things from looking at me and my life situation (education, a job) , but when life gets in the way everything feels chaotic, fragmented and , even super duper gloooomy even at the adult age of 41. Got tonnes of anger to deal with!


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    Re: welcome to the forum, introduce yourself :)

    Post by monkert67 on Fri Jun 23, 2017 11:53 pm

    So sorry for your pain, I try to live each day to the fullest,if possible,not always as easy to do as it is as easy to say. I think a lot of my functioning problems are my meds,so glad to hear you are off yours,that is a great step.. One day at a time.

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    Re: welcome to the forum, introduce yourself :)

    Post by Initiated on Sat Jun 24, 2017 10:32 am

    monkert67 wrote:So sorry for your pain, I try to live each day to the fullest,if possible,not always as easy to do as it is as easy to say. I think a lot of my functioning problems are my meds,so glad to hear you are off yours,that is a great step.. One day at a time.

    Thank you very much monkert67 for your sound advice - all the best wishes to you on your road to recovery.

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    Re: welcome to the forum, introduce yourself :)

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