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    In response to the process emotions and new years resolutions video.


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    In response to the process emotions and new years resolutions video.

    Post by trueself1 on Sat Dec 03, 2016 5:01 pm

    So I started setting the timer for like an hour to journal all feelings and thoughts out. I have tried journaling before but I wouldn't stick with it for nearly long enough and approach it in a diciplined way. Like setting aside time daily even if you don't feel like it, you have todo it. So alot of the same feelings are coming up at this time mostly about the past, childhood, and young adulthood. I printed out the list of adjectives and use them to better express and understand my feelings. For some reason, when I focus on my feelings about daily stuff and thoughts, it seems to make the journaling more productive. I've cried both times I've journaled so far because of the focus on the feelings rather than just journaling without paying special attention to feelings.                                                                                                                                            

     I think I get now what Richard is trying to get at with why this can really work to help you to grieve the past, present, or even the future. I guess we will see how it goes, I'm trying to do this for a full six months every single day or at least 6 days a week. Expect to confront uncomfortable feelings and occasional battle with yourself to make yourself do the daily half hour or hour. It feels like you need to do it for a bit before you start really relaxing into it to face the feelings that are coming up. Like for the first 10 mins of writing you may not cover much ground, and then suddenly when you relax into it and start to feel safe than the feelings start to come out more. Anyway, just thought I would share how it's going. Surprised

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