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    Good but painful news in the process of extensive daily journaling out feelings.


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    Good but painful news in the process of extensive daily journaling out feelings. Empty Good but painful news in the process of extensive daily journaling out feelings.

    Post by trueself1 on Tue Dec 20, 2016 2:41 pm

    Ok so the more I've been journaling and it has been daily. Since I don't have a real job right now I have the time to do alot of journaling. It has come to the point where I can feel an uncomfortable feeling trying to boil to the surface, trying to interrupt my day. So as soon as I feel heavy or like I can't get started on something. I pull out the journal and start writing about how I'am feeling and eventually as I write, the hidden stuff comes to conciousness on the paper. There are times that it doesn't and I feel kinda blocked but usually the underlying stuff does start coming up. I'm assuming that the more difficult emotional blocks will eventually get more and more unblocked as I do this regularly. It has become alot eazier and now its like pages and pages not just one or two.

      Anyway, so my primary issue that comes up the most is my relationships with the opposite sex. Since I've gained more knowledge about right and wrong behavior in general, and learning about the differences between men and women. I've been able to notice, how I'am causing myself alot of pain because I just wasn't concious enough about how I was approaching my relationships with regards to the laws of nature and biology lol! Actually I shouldn't say that, I did know what I was doing wrong and why it is wrong. It was more that, because I wasn't allowing myself to feel my emotions about any of it. I was detaching from my true feelings in order to get temporary relief from discomfort and pain of dealing with the underlying emotions.

      So because of finally being able to listen to and acknowledge my emotions, I'am now able to avoid situations that maybe pleasant in the short term but will wreak havoc on my emotional state in the longterm. I can't thank you enough Richard. I think I'm finally making some progress and I doubt it would have been possible if you hadn't explained so clearly what to expect and how painful it is especially like the first week or so. After you get used to being uncomfortable with the bad feelings it does get less overwhelming and you aren't so terrified about experiencing it. I think between the journaling and adding the NLP stuff, audio affirmations. It can really start to help change my mindset more. Thank you so much flower

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