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    ASPD Alcohol & Drug Abuse


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    ASPD Alcohol & Drug Abuse

    Post by frndscallmedaz on Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:48 am

    Hi Richard

    Thank you so much for your videos and podcasts, they have helped me more than I can explain.

    I have a question on the relationship between a narcissist and alcohol and drug abuse, my "ex-girlfriend" has a serious alcohol problem and i have recently discovered that she is addicted to a drug called CAT (which has been on for about 10 years).

    Her personality seems to be guided by whether she is on the drugs or the alchohol or both. I have also noticed that she is on a few different types of medication, such as anti-depressants, anxiety medication, insomnia medication etc, which she takes along with her 7am breakfast of Rum from bottle.

    There have been several occasions where she would become violent with me and i would not recognize the person i was dealing with. (she had told me that she was on Cancer medication which caused her to blackout and the violent rage was from a "demon" that had possessed her from black magic being put onto her)

    She refuses to acknowledge that she had a drug and alcohol problem but if in the future she does and perhaps "cleans up", how would this affect her ASPD?

    She has a 5 year old daughter which i am very concerned about, unfortunately all my attempts to help, by reaching out to her mother and grandparents have lead to them believing that I am a bad influence and the "evil person" in her life.

    I am struggling to break contact with her, and although there have been a thousand reasons why i should not contact or care about her, I am really struggling with letting her go, even though she is currently stonewalling me, i feel "addicted" to her.

    Thank you again for the content you have shared, if you are ever doing a seminar in South Africa, i will be sure to be in the front row.

    Kind Regards
    Darryn Padayachee

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