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    How to help someone who is a victim of narcissistic abuse and does not it


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    How to help someone who is a victim of narcissistic abuse and does not it Empty How to help someone who is a victim of narcissistic abuse and does not it

    Post by kibou on Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:40 pm

    As my recovery seems to improve, other type of problems arise.

    I am surprised to find that there were so many blood suckers next to me. My my "best friend" was a narc. I was horrified when he even admitted. It's amazing that they do not care to admit it openly.

    The most surprising one was my aunt. This was totally unexpected.

    My mother is on the way to the recovery after more than 3 decades with a narc. She is truly an hero. I can't believe how she has managed to survive after all the hell she's been through.

    So I got rid of my ex husband, my father, my best friend, and my aunt. Seriously, this is unbelievable. No wonder I couldn't cope with my life.

    My mother is trying to recover. All good.

    However, I have recently realised that my sister is a +10 years relationship with a very dangerous psychopath/narc. This is giving me insomnia, and I hope this won't cause the death of my mother. My sister's life is very much damaged, and her sense of reality is miles away from the real world.

    If she doesn't recover and she keeps getting into trouble and destroying her own life, my mother will be probably get sick and depressed, and die. She is an old woman, this is too much for anyone.

    I thought I had survived to the worst when I left my husband, however, if my mother dies and my sister keeps destroying her life and dies too because of the psychopath, I will die too.

    Richard's videos can't help because my sister has a very limited understanding of English. I spend day and night trying to figure out how I can help, but it seems like the psychopath has completely kidnapped my sister's life and mind.

    I think he installed some software in her mobile phone that he, of course, gave to her as a present. He knows everything before hand and brainwash her before I can talk to her about anything.

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