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    Clousure/ hoovering


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    Clousure/ hoovering Empty Clousure/ hoovering

    Post by salter6826 on Thu Jan 26, 2017 9:47 pm

    So he came over to see the kids and at the end I told him exactly how I felt and it was like cancer leaving my body

    YOULL LOVE HIS RESPONSES (from a covert narc)

    me--You treated me like trash. I have no family, no friends and no support when you left and you knew that!!!

    response 1 -- I made sure when I left that my family was there for you!!! (LIE, he did not I reached out to them)

    response 2 --I left b/c I saw myself destroying the person that I loved!! (uhuh sure, you already had a girl lined up!!)

    me--You gave me PTSD!! and you dont care!1?? I told him that he was the most difficult person to live with!!! and impossible to be in a relationship with!

    response--Oh i care. all you ever text me is how Im a POS (by me confronting crappy behavior)

    I cried of course and he tried to hug me and Im like NO i needed you then. I dont need you now.

    sadly only he can feel is crappy about himself not empathetic that he treated me like trash and gave me Cptsd.

    Why do i have to cry to get any care or concern???


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    Clousure/ hoovering Empty Re: Clousure/ hoovering

    Post by Jenimaz on Fri May 18, 2018 10:44 pm

    You get care/concern when you cry? That's hoovering and you wouldn't get that if he wasn't seeking more supply - which you have given him.

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