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    Hello from Australia


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    Hello from Australia Empty Hello from Australia

    Post by jmh on Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:51 pm

    I really just wanted to send a quick email thanking Richard and Leyla for the Discipline course.  [Sending a quick email doesn't seem possible and I am not on Facebook so here I am]. Anyway, thanks!!

    I have been doing the course everyday for a few weeks (with daily mediation, yoga, at least a half hour walk daily and various motivational videos thrown in) and I was sitting tonight realising that I have accomplished a couple of important things in the last couple of weeks that I may not have otherwise (like finally get a learners car licence - I'm embarrassingly old to have never had one!!). I also have a problem with a covert bully at work that I am dealing with and need all the help I can get. I've done other courses (CBT based), had some therapy, have a fairly long established (i.e. decades long) meditation and yoga practice, have even been to Adult Children of Alcoholic meetings. All have helped for a while but I think there is something about knowing that the course designers understand the core issue (i.e. CPTSD) that has helped this gel a little more.

    Like a lot of people have mentioned here I am also not that great at sharing my story/talking about my background (mainly alcohol/addiction/violence/rage/estrangement trauma-bond related issues in the family). I talk a lot generally just not often about those things. I'd say the main issue with CPTSD for me is 'flight' and a tendency to avoidance (there probably used to be quite a bit of 'fawn' too but that's diminished somewhat as I've got older and grumpier) - having a model to understand this behaviour has been very useful to me (I have also read Pete Walkers from surviving to thriving book). Anyway it's 1.45 am here so time I called it a night - will look forward to reading other people's thoughts and comments on the forum when I get a chance. It's quite the journey we are all on. sunny

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    Hello from Australia Empty Re: Hello from Australia

    Post by wepnode on Wed Jan 11, 2017 5:14 pm

    Welcome to you, and congratulations on your growth.

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