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    End it or give him time?


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    End it or give him time? Empty End it or give him time?

    Post by onwardsandupwards on Thu Mar 31, 2016 6:02 pm

    Hi Richard. The opportunity to ask you a question is superb! I'll put it in a nutshell as much as possible.

    I was with someone for 5 years and tbh it was pretty good. I never felt like I was under control, (and I'm quite a strong independent type!) I'm quite hedonistic (maybe slightly narcissistic) and we essentially fed each other. It ended when he found a new playmate at work. I kicked him out, felt his issues were not actually sex addiction and we went for therapy. NPD (more covert but can swing between the two) was diagnosed by a psychologist specialising in PD. At this I ended the therapy and he vowed to go away and change his behaviours. I know he hasn't been up to anything, (I have my covert methods) other than working (I do know he has been self soothing) He's respecting all my wishes, not hassling me or anything spooky. Openly talks about his narcissistic traits and previous bad behaviour and has done so, albeit rather shamefully, even in front of others (much to my surprise as from my readings NPD do not do this.) This is the reason I am confused as everything I read says they do not admit it or like to admit it.

    My question is, is it possible for him to change? I'm looking at self confessed NPD (Sam V) and see that he is something must work? We've been apart 3 months so far and now is the time that I either continue on as I am, giving him time and space to either f*** up or adopt new behaviours ( I set 6 months) or I just turn around and say I'm moving on.

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