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    Grateful for the Help


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    Grateful for the Help Empty Grateful for the Help

    Post by gigiminer on Tue Jun 23, 2015 9:29 am

    Dear Rich

    I wanted to take a moment to say “Thank you”. Thank you for putting yourself out there. Thank you for assembling the courses. Thank you for trying to use your pain to help others heal.

    Choosing such a path is not easy. You get to deal with all the fans (and yes, even tho’ they may mean well, it can come off as something else). You have the trolls who have nothing better to do than to mock your efforts. You get to deal with your own pain in ways that someone who keeps it all on the “down low” doesn’t. While the benefits are there for how you share this gift, there are also the difficulties that are exclusive to the “champion”.

    For taking that chance anyway, thank you. For being human and vulnerable, thank you. For putting up with the damaged souls who flood you with their needs and attempts to heal themselves that sometimes seem to be taking more than you have, thank you. For being you and helping others to find out who they are too, thank you.

    For every person who makes you regret that you put it all out there, I’m pretty sure there are many more who don’t know how to tell you that you’ve been a guidepost and, in many cases, a lifesaver. On their behalf, and for myself, please always know that no matter how crappy things might seem, there are some who will always think back to what you’ve done and say a silent but relief-filled “Thank you”.

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    Grateful for the Help Empty Re: Grateful for the Help

    Post by on Fri Jun 26, 2015 12:47 am

    Yes, I agree entirely! I was with what I believe to be a covert narrsacisris for over seven years. I have come so far in my own life. I have great friends, a wonderful son, and a great career that I love. However, I can't seem to stop the rollidex over and over of how was I with this awful person, and I'm too afraid to date. I can replay everything but, what difference does that make? So as you can see I need alot of work still two years out! I do my best to give no response to his measures such as, he still even tho he is married to his new victim, drunk dials me about every six months or so. He for the most part acts like our three year old son does not exist but, this father's day sent him a card, that says I miss you! My son is three so he can't yet read and this can only hurt him. I just can't get passed, look at what I wasted my young adult life on? Thank you so much Richard I watch your videos all the time and it is so good to laugh and I know that because of my work, your work, everyday gets better. I smile everyday that I am free and I have real hope because of nice people like you taking time to care about other people. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

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