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    Globally understanding psychopaths


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    Globally understanding psychopaths Empty Globally understanding psychopaths

    Post by D3lt4 on Tue Jan 22, 2019 10:45 am

    We build our own history with the available knowledge we have in each moment.

    I hope I'm not the only one that has gone through a similar experience like this.

    Back in 2013, I found out my husband and father were psychopaths. My mind started to work very fast. Imagine a library full of books from the floor until the ceiling, all the titles of the books changing one after another. I couldn't stop it, my mind just worked up all this non-stop. I couldn't control it. My whole life was being rewritten.

    The process was so intense that I had to rent a car. I didn't have a car by then. I started shouting freely while in the highway as the process was so strong I really needed to vent.

    The success of the psychopath in their manipulation is not so much their techniques but the way they operate in the shadows using legal means to do unlawful things.

    For example, I can control people's lives because once they believe I'm their friend and while I'm treating them very well, they can't possible expect I'm working hard in the background to destroy them.

    Behind the curtains this is what I find, a guy or a girl that would do whatever it takes to keep hiding their true intentions. When someone finds out who they really are, they immediately cut the relationship sharply and with zero hesitation. Their success depends on remaining in the shadows.

    This didn't happened with my father, as I think with the family is different. However, this happened with any other psychopath I found outside the environment of the family. Any time they're being discovered, they quickly and sharply end the contact with you.

    Finding out your partner is a psychopath seems like the beginning of a crusade against psychopaths. It's extremely hard to find psychopaths everywhere: in your workplace, in the hospital, in the police station. You don't have to watch those politicians to get an idea about them, they are next to us, everywhere.

    No one seems to be talking about this, I'm not paranoid or delusional. It takes a while to swallow this reality.

    I believe Richard means that 5% of mental health illness can't be cured, psychopaths or sort of .

    Anyway, the first step is to acknowledge a problem.

    So, we have an army of psychopaths operating in the shadows within the files of society, destroying lives very much in the way the CIA does (ok, if you're a conspiracy theorist then don't read this part, I don't mean it in that way).

    So while we're trying to catch the guys that "commit crimes" and "break the law", we have an army of guys and girls constantly breaking the law --by legal means.

    Again, forget about conspiracy theories here - break the law in the shadows, using the unexpected.

    So maybe the CIA is not a good example, so forget it.

    So, do we know what patterns do this CIA of psychopaths follow? A kind of CIA around the world? A universally bred CIA.

    Globally understanding psychopaths Giphy

    In fact, psychopaths act very much like secret agents with a double life: who they pretend to be, and who they really are.

    Globally understanding psychopaths Giphy

    Why do we have to study so much to understand them and why do they know and understand so much without studying much? My hypothesis here -roughly- focuses on our feelings. We filter out everything through our feelings while they don't have feelings, hence no filters whatsoever. Life is like a math problem to them.

    We attach our feelings to anything we listen to, we "think". It's like a milkshake.

    Put it all together and you have the perfect tools for deception.

    Who are being deceived? Do they help each other?


    Back then, when we were talking about psychopaths being so destructive. Back then, how stupid they were, animals, non-sense. These delusional animals are self destructive! They don't know what they're doing.

    Globally understanding psychopaths 5fc1e-divide-and-conquer-left-vs-right

    So what now? Being a psychopath means being delusional? How?

    Double life, triple life, quadruple life???????

    No feelings no friction when switching "channels".

    Come on guys, a little more /cold/ empathy for them.

    But remove the political environment. When you wake up in the morning all you see is a competition. Life = Competition No more no less than that.

    If we're in a war, then we have to have a mindset for military tactics.

    Again, if you know how the CIA operates, and military operations.

    This is painful: divide and conquer.

    Again, divide and conquer.


    hmm it took me a while to understand this ........

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    Globally understanding psychopaths Empty Re: Globally understanding psychopaths

    Post by D3lt4 on Tue Jan 22, 2019 12:45 pm

    I believe we should share more our stories. We are kind of isolated. This is no good to fight against psychopaths. We need to know their tactics so we don't fall in their trap again.

    Globally understanding psychopaths Giphy

    It was around 2013 when I decided to create my own meetup group. I did it to keep up with the technology. I found this technology called bitcoin in 2011. I thought it was amazing. It blew my mind.

    By then, I used to get together with others with similar interests. I used to think many things could be improved. I decided to create my own group of fans.

    Problems started.

    I felt surrounded by many psychopaths. I thought I was paranoid. I had discovered about psychopaths not long ago. How come there are so many psychopaths????

    Now in hindsight I can tell that ALL OF THEM were psychopaths.

    Just to clarify - I will be talking here about psychopaths vs. non psychopaths. This is because I want and I need to simplify things in order to explain them. I'm aware about individuals with narcissistic traits, and that we all have narcissistic traits, but for the sake of clarity and to be able to talk about this difficult subject, I need to make to big distinctive groups: psychopaths and non psychopaths.

    Any time there's some new idea, someone that is relevant, popular, famous, that's it, psychopaths will come to the smell of fame, like wasps to flowers.

    According to my own experience, this is how they will act (in pseudocode), when someone gets famous or relevant.

    Being in this case

    non_famous_person=can be either a psychopath or not

    if the person approaching the psychopath is another psychopath
    __if the famous psychopath sees value on the other psychopath
    ____psychopaths will "partner"
    __if the non psychopath is exploitable
    ____the psychopath will exploit any bit of this person in any possible unthinkable way
    ____the non psychopath is immediately discarded

    partner=supporting each other and ditching any others non psychopaths that pose a threat to their status quo

    Most of the time, psychopaths will partner in some way or another, creating a web of power.
    Note: many times, but not always, happens that a non-psychopath approaching psychopaths it is because the non-psychopath has been flattered/social engineered in some way or another. The victim thinks they're joining the psychopath because they want to, not because they've been socially engineered.

    I've seen this with myself and with others that have been deceived by psychopaths.

    On the other hand, when the

    famous_person=non psychopath
    non_famous_person=can be either a psychopath or a non psychopath

    So, according to my own experience:

    if the famous person is approached by a psychopath
    __if the famous person can't see the danger
    ____the psychopath will progressively take control, as they are parasites; the will distort and destroy a big part of the work; unfortunately, they're so good at this that they'll likely succeed. The psychopath will become the "right hand" of the famous person and will make them believe they are a good asset, while they're a parasite and never a good asset.

    The problem with this, is that it happens way too often. I've seen the top manager of a well known bank, and my aunt was always next to her. So be careful. This is a mother trap. You don't only need to be able to see where the psychopath is, but also, you shouldn't trust "good guys" as they might be manipulated by psychopaths.

    This also happened to me. I trusted a guy that I was sure he was not a psychopath. It turned out that he was a puppet of several psychopaths. I fucked it up. My life was greatly destroyed and I got into trouble because of this.

    This story is so familiar to me now. I can see the same pattern to be repeated over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over (I could continue????)

    It seems to me that they use some kind of black magic, well, I don't know what is it, ok? So I'll use this term. To get people through the way they want to. They are con artists when it comes to guessing what others want and reading people.

    Here is the pattern: some guy approaches you, because you're famous, and tells you that he/she is kind of..... well, you know, some kind of mysterious creature that is able to perform some kind of activity. For example, if someone, the psychopath, is a lawyer, he will present himself as a "rara avis"(1), that happens to have a lot of education in IT (you're meant to be a professional in IT). This will bypass somehow any red flags.
    A psychopath will always fake their entire lives. Insane. (2)
    A psychopath will pretend to be a valuable asset, shining among others, while keeping a low profile to fake humility. (3)
    Any attempt to denounce the psychopath by someone external, will be rejected by the victim. Why? My hypothesis is that the victim gets so absorbed and hypnotised?? by the psychopath and the "super good purposes" of the psychopath that it won't be able to hear anyone else. This also happened to me. Some people tried to warn me against some individuals that were next to me, but I didn't listen because the image I had built about them was so "moral" and real in my mind, that it clashed frontally with the things others said. I despised them as I thought in an arrogant way that "they didn't understand". (4)
    The psychopath talks to you and only to you. When the psychopath speaks is talking to a certain audience. They analyse how to make "connections" with a certain "ideology" and they connect with them, so they will control the ship. The rest of the people will dance the psychopath's way without even knowing it.(5)

    If you put all this together, you have a pattern I've seen before, and worst of all, this pattern is being repeated by our dear coach.

    Unfortunately, he's unable to see he fell into a very well known trap made by psychopaths. We shouldn't assume EVER we know all the traps a psychopath uses. Being in a relationship with a psychopath is just one piece of the cake, a very large and vast cake. I learned the lesson the hard way too. Now I'm sharing it here with others so others won't - hopefully - fall into this horrible trap.

    Psychopaths will play with our minds A LOT, we have to remain ourselves that no matter what, no matter how sweet the honey seems, how desperate we are to achieve something, how famous we can be, or whatever reason you find, A PSYCHOPATH WILL BE BY YOUR SIDE TO DESTROY YOU, AND EVERYTHING HE SAYS IS A TRAP. It will most likely HURT your feelings when rejecting a psychopath's proposal, as they will put it out in a way that you seem to be rejecting YOUR OWN PRINCIPLES and ACTING AGAINST YOUR OWN GOOD.

    A psychopath will always pretend to help you, but he ISN'T.

    Seriously, I find extremely difficult to reject the proposal made by a psychopath even though I know how they operate. I have this fantasy in my mind about being more powerful than the psychopath. The truth is that we should be CAREFUL and keep distance with them.

    The only reason a psychopath wants to be next to us is because they are exploiting us, and destroying us. If we can't see it, it's because the victim has been socially engineered by the psychopath.

    That's why anything is possible once the psychopath has gained control.

    A psychopath, someone that takes pleasure in torture, next to the boss of the anti-psychopaths brigade.

    Globally understanding psychopaths 43060772_1869682903085570_4954636635867185152_n

    The psychopath who invented the so called "war against terror" and enabled torture for a democratic country, becoming "best friends" to the one who abolished torture.

    Globally understanding psychopaths 160924185453-michelle-obama-george-w-bush-hug-sept-24-exlarge-169

    So DON'T underestimate the power of a psychopath. If you think you know it all about them, just wait and see.

    It's very painful seeing our dear coach trapped in the same thing I felt into. Not a new story for me at all.

    It brings me very little hope about the control we as non psychopaths human beings have about our own lives, if any. Our dear coach shouldn't be falling into any more psychopathic traps, right? RIGHT?

    So I was there too, in a picture with a psychopath feeling proud publicly about my achievements. I was so desperate to find a colleague, someone that truly understood what I wanted to do, a partner, a supporter, a professional mate. And yet so difficult to find!... Looking at my pictures it's kind of unbelievable now. I swallowed the hook completely.

    Anyway, as this is a global issue, it must be someone else around the world that has gone through a similar situation, repeating the same pattern, right????

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    Globally understanding psychopaths Empty Re: Globally understanding psychopaths

    Post by D3lt4 on Tue Jan 22, 2019 1:19 pm

    A good way of being out of their deception techniques is to learn about them. Where??? I found the CIA documents about deception quite insightful. There are many declassified information out there. One that I found recently is the so called Schaffer effect.

    Any time I am in front of a psychopath I'm in "fight" mode trying to detect which deceptive technique he's using, because HE/SHE IS USING ONE.

    Another thing, I think we shouldn't be so naive and avoid sharing all the information we know about them publicly ...why?? because information is power. I don't want to give them power.

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    Globally understanding psychopaths Empty Re: Globally understanding psychopaths

    Post by D3lt4 on Tue Jan 22, 2019 1:36 pm

    How to put it....? Well, they're hackers. They seem hackers of the human psyche.

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