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    On how psychopaths turn "normal" people into radicals


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    On how psychopaths turn "normal" people into radicals Empty On how psychopaths turn "normal" people into radicals

    Post by D3lt4 on Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:05 pm

    More on the already obvious and proven effects of social media.

    PS. The amplification doesn't happen by itself. I hope I'm not the only one seeing psychopaths using social media to amplify radical ideals. I've seen this from long ago, and I keep seeing it now. It amazes me how people are still unable to identify psychopaths or the little attention that the figure of psychopath has, given the amount of destruction and chaos they live behind.


    I've read several news articles, but maybe this is one of best ones.

    Fun fact: far right supporters don't think they are "radicals". Far left supporters don't think they are "radicals". Another "fun fact". Many of the far right supporters are part of national security forces. I see it's extremely easy for them to turn into "haters" of immigrants (etc) when working with nasty people 24/7. When you hate someone or something, it's an extremely easy job for a psychopath to turn you into a "rational radical", that is, someone that thinks his rational is right, based on their personal experience and the experience of many others, hence it's so easy to go a step further and justify abuse, falling into blind ignorance. I've seen this so many times. Psychopaths keep looking (quite actively) for what you hate. They observe you when you are just thinking about whatever. They will use your hate against you. They will turn yourself into a radical without you knowing it.

    It also happened to me.

    In fact, I think most wars and clashes between people don't come out just from the thin air - not saying that I'm a fan of conspiracy theories, this is something hard to believe, but it's happening.

    As we already know, they all go to the same school. They all act the same way, every day, in any part of the world. I found they have in common these traits:

    - they like to polarise people's "arguments", that is, what I call the "seed". You'll better understand it with something you hate..... I found many people here hate psychologists (no wonder why this is like this.....). Many people have wasted all their lives going to psychologists with very poor results, bank accounts drained, and exhausted after making such a big effort once and again, each attempt trying to be positive about the outcome.... to end up with the same bitter result.... one psychologist after another will tell you with a huge amount of confidence "they know how to help you"... then they won't listen to you and they will gaslight you when you're telling them all the details about your relationship... not to mention the puzzled expression on their faces, or the arrogance, when mentioning the word "psychopath"... totally dismissing any credibility in your story... and this is just if you're lucky. Then there are the ones that have taken drugs, either antidepressants or anxiolytics, or both.... after trying to quit anxiolytics (I didn't take them for long time), I had an awful insomnia for months that almost killed me. Before that, a few years before that, I took a popular antidepressant. I keep side effects for the rest of my life. Something is just not right in my mind after I took that shit, I wish I never had it, and now I have to live with that. So, yes, these are not psychologists, but psychiatrists. Whatever - they're both a f. mess and they systematically ruin people's lives every day. Moreover, I think the damage is so clear and there are so many testimonies about it, I'm rather confused all this shit has not been taking to a court. Yes, guys, this is the only way to effetely fight this scum of the planet. Even if they don't know they're doing harm, they should know from now on. So this hate, based on "true facts" shared among many others, or a group of people is what call the SEED.
    The next step is a psychopath coming here to say something that will look "reasonable" for "us", dehumanising what we hate, or what we don't like, and believe me, human beings are just one millimetre close to radical ideals when this happens - psychopaths know this very, very well - they know it so well, they exploit this "vulnerability" on human beings 24/7, creating "rational radicals" all around the world - easy peasy. A blind spot. Hate makes us blind and we don't even notice the shift as we see it "reasonable". So be careful here.

    - they turn "normal" people into supporters of torture and inhumane treatment - related to the point above. This is what happens, again, using our feelings against us. FEAR is the most common feeling I've noticed for this case so far - for example - the "War on Terror", was in fact a psychopathic move to bypass ALL humanitarian laws. How? Very easy. Just use the fear terrorists gave to people, mix it with their nationalistic feelings, saying this is done in the name of innocent people of this honorable country, and voila! You just created a person who is able to dehumanise others, let's say terrorists. Well, they are not terrorists. In fact, most (all?) of people detained for torture in Guantanamo were not terrorists, but "suspects" of terrorism - what does this mean? Well, it means that if YOU, yes, YOU, were doing something that by any chance relates you with a terrorist, then you automatically become a "terrorist". The sense or fear and urgency was so big, that they found extremely easy to bypass all humanitarian laws and make torture something legal - moreover, people don't complain much about this - the argument given is "for security reasons we must protect our citizens from the attack of terrorists" - so people listen to this message and feel safe. A blind spot.

    - they always, always, always will tell you to act in a certain way or to think in a certain way with nice words and you won't even notice they're burying you and slapping you in the face - for example, let's say I found out about a big "fail", some big mistakes some people falling into - they might even be risking their lives with that decisions. (This comes from a recent conversation with a psychopath - I do talk to psychopaths for fun now: REVERSE ENGINEERING can save your life and you can put mines in their fields using the same techniques against them - I recommend NOT to try this until you are WELL RECOVERED from any experience from them - but I confess I'm having some fun now instead). So the psychopath will laugh and say something like "yes, that's right, but I don't tell them about this, I just leave them, I leave them like that" - then laughing again (you know, they need to permanently add prefabricated empathy to all the "conversations". Example, let's say, in another conversation I had with another psychopath that I told him I realised that learning from very different subjects like, for example, engineering, psychology, military, health, languages, security, religion/spirituality, altogether, it brings you, well, it opens the door - a big door - of knowledge and intelligence (in the sense of CIA) to see the world in a way I never imagined. Most questions can be answered??? As the bastard I was talking felt I was getting way to smart, this was his answer:
    "You need to specialise yourself in one field."
    “Be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in yourself- and thus make yourself indispensable.”
    Ending with a quote or saying is the brand of a psychopath - the ultimate brainwash to burn the message in your head.
    So, I love the "advice" any psychopath has on "us", so kind, so perfect, so rhythmic, and FALSE. Like the apple of the Snow White, beautiful apple "for free", but poisoned.

    Then, already given the SEED for radicalisation, it's much easier to use old tricks like this:

    Enhanced interrogation - don't call it torture or it will raise red flags. Who said psychopaths don't have imagination, they're fucking brilliant. And then, here is the psychopath pushing a button to "cry".


    Coz we are so stupid we'll react to that. (this is what the psychopath is thinking while doing it)

    - role model. COME ON, I've heard some psychologists deny that psychopaths act as role models.  scratch
    While the confident of the psychologist made me doubt (gaslighted?) there's no more room to doubt within me after all I've seen and experienced in the last few months. So, please, no, no no no no, NO. Covert narcissists, and all type of narcissists exploit the "role model technique", despite of what some psychologists demand and asure.

    I could show you with names and full proof - plenty of online evidence - how they do it. For example, let's say they want us to have a horrible life of drugs and alcohol - then the psychopath will use their charisma to talk about taking drugs and alcohol as something "normal" and even cool, something that only "super cool people" can afford to do - look I'm taking lots of drugs and I'm surrounded by beautiful women, you want this, come on, this is what you want - that's the message your brain is getting when they use this "marketing" feature. Example, let's say, a covert narcissist wants you to be even more confused about you already mental health issues - being a covert narcissist might be acting like a shy person (my father was a covert narcissist like this) - and he will repeat things that would resonate with my shy personality - "I'm my worst enemy" - repeat my father to himself out loud, or, he would lock himself in his room and fake being super depressed with any tiny, little event in our lives that was considered "bad" or with "negative effects". He would make a small problem into a huge drama, but, acting like an extremely depressed person. I grew up with this role model. I mimicked all this theatre.

    So, how to make radical people? Also, acting like role models. I've seen them acting normally as radicals in such a natural way, no one would say they are defending radical ideas. They're so stylish and clean when offering "arguments", it's very easy to "hook" people around. Sometimes they make mistakes though, and sometimes people sense there's something wrong with them - but as the people sensing these things remain quiet, others hooked follow the "party".

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    On how psychopaths turn "normal" people into radicals Empty Re: On how psychopaths turn "normal" people into radicals

    Post by D3lt4 on Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:22 pm

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