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    Anger as a dark motivational technique


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    Anger as a dark motivational technique

    Post by D3lt4 on Thu Sep 13, 2018 12:24 pm

    I've come across this article when looking for something that seems unusual:

    "how to be very angry"

    No results found for "how to be very angry".

    I had to remove the quotes.

    It seems like most people look for "angry management" and "how to control your anger" and so on.

    I've found all these reads extremely non-useful.

    I used to have bursts of anger without any control and go then suddenly to a super submissive person the rest of the day.

    Now that I'm feeling much better about self-control, etc I still feel like there's something else missing inside me, and that is, Anger. Anger in the way that being able to be Angry enough to make changes to myself, to defend myself against others, to reject things when I don't want to, and to even fight if necessary.

    I used to have problems with food (better not to get into details here.....). I still feel now despite of eating healthier I still have this tendency about eating a bit too much. Working out has helped so much to regulate my appetite I felt I was almost "perfect" with this, but it was not quite yet perfect as I'd like to be.

    Working on making your boundaries stronger helps a lot to stop when you feel is time to stop but I had still something inside me that I wanted to change and I didn't know how. So definitely working on your boundaries, and the rest of the program that Richard has for us (thanks again for this) I felt I was like 98.9% recovered for my issues with food, and this is probably I haven't done all he said properly Smile

    I found the answer in Anger. What I'm going to tell here is a bit weird. Sharing it here but please be mindful about trying crazy stuff like this. It may not work for everyone in the same way. I like to experiment with myself.

    I tried listening to Death Metal (yes, you heard it right) everyday almost all day for a week. I tried to feel anger, like proper anger, because the version of anger I had before was not good to defend myself from others. After listening to Death Metal for over four days in a row and crying and feeling anger, I think this thing is starting to make some changes.

    I used to listen to Trance/House music and the like, and I've realised that listening to this type of music is pushing me in the opposite direction I'd like to. I don't think this the same effect this type of music has on everybody. To me it was a way of getting even much more into this fairly tale rainbow like world where nothing wrong is going to happen. This is bad. While I was working on my exercises to improve C-PTSR, listening to Trance made it way much harder.

    I've tried now something very different for me (ok, don't be scared, this is a bit too radical, but I was experimenting with myself): I tried being angry *even* when I was eating. I realised that the moment I was eating I was "too relaxed". My stomach was just "relaxed" and my mind seemed like empty or distracted while eating. This is bad. I realised that I had little control over my appetite or more appetite than others coz of my state way too relaxed in my stomach. Not saying that you have to be now extremely worried and have an stomach ulcer. What I'm saying is that my "default" state was "way too relaxed" and a little anger in your life makes you more "awake", more prepared for action, coz it's way more difficult to go from 0 to 10, than from 6 to 10. So you need to charge yourself with a bit more of energy by default.

    Also, I used to hate violent movies. Well, I'm now watching them on purpose. It seems to me that used to be "too soft" in this sense and this is just not realistic and very bad for yourself.

    So far my stomach feels much better when there's always some feelings of anger by default, I feel full much sooner, actually I think I'm eating just what I really need for the first time in my life.

    Now I want to practice how often I'd be listening to Death Metal in a "prescribed way", just to reach the desired level of "tension" or "anger-by-default" I want to have a healthier life.

    I also find way much easier to read anything or to start some new work that used to be hard for me and I kept delaying. I found that anger can be a good way of "getting things done". This is maybe another way of looking at motivation, in a dark way maybe? Just realistic I think, if we don't go too far (and we shouldn't!). Again, please don't try this if this is doing good to you. I wanted to give some ideas to you in case you want to experiment a bit with music, as it is something very real that it hits our unconscious very hard, and it might be making our lives worse if we are not aware of this.

    I also found myself way more agile doing movements and somehow ready to fight much faster, and ready to say what I think without fear.

    Lastly, and maybe not so directly related, I found that to be able to change you need to be extremely brave to start questioning all your "beliefs". For example, if you think you are a good person, start questioning that. If you start questioning everything you are attached to you might find a magic Easter Egg, just saying....

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    Re: Anger as a dark motivational technique

    Post by D3lt4 on Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:18 am

    I apologise for saying that "anger" is a "dark trait", as "anger" is not a dark trait at all and I think thinking it's a dark trait it's the reason (one of them) why we reject it, as we think it's a "bad thing".

    Anger is a good thing if it helps us to stand by ourselves (in a healthy way, and here is the tricky thing when you have C-PTSR).

    I think a healthy way to understand Anger is that you're able to use it to fuel a change into yourself.

    Also, I've found a couple of guys with NPD that regularly listen to Death Metal, or at least, they promote they listen to it. This is yet another reason why it's important to be mindful about what we listen to.

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