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    Surrender vs. Control


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    Surrender vs. Control Empty Surrender vs. Control

    Post by D3lt4 on Tue Jul 24, 2018 9:10 pm

    Hello there,

    I am kind of stuck when trying to overcome my tendency to control things and my expectations.

    I am not the controlling person I used to be anymore, ... however, I have regained more control over my life, I workout every day, I eat healthy food, ... it feels now that I have strong boundaries ... yet, now it feels like all this control I have over myself, which is great and I am extremely grateful, it gets on my way to feeling happy. I am trying to surrender to any high power, like God's will, or just try to surrender to whatever can happen, without losing control of myself and all the achievements I've had so far.. but I can't manage to do it.

    This is mostly related with being humble as well. I have noticed that one important thing for me would be to be humbler, and so far my attempts did not go as far as I'd like to. I know being humbler relates to being happier, and having a better mental health... so I want to achieve this. I've also experienced nearly dead situations.. and this helped me to be humbler for only a couple of days.. then I noticed I was going back to the previous state again... so this doesn't seem a way to have a permanent change.. maybe going through a lot of extreme experiences in your life can finally make you humble.. but I hope there's a faster and less painful way I can commit myself to, and I will happily join or practice how to get there..

    Has Richard mentioned any book about this so far or how to accomplish this?


    Edit: I am reading "Extreme ownership" which is also about humility. I am enjoying it very much.

    So, a tl;dr for my first question would be that when you finally manage to reach a certain level of self discipline, you need to get away from that feeling of control to be able to be happy and humble.

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