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    Rejection to authority figures


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    Rejection to authority figures

    Post by kibou on Sat May 26, 2018 1:53 pm

    Hi there!

    This is related with things I am reading about criminal psychology, I lately came up with the idea that maybe the resistance I have to believe in God is rooted in the abusive experience of my narcissistic father. Maybe I identify any authority figure with my father, for this reason I cannot love God or anyone who represents some form of power over myself. How does this sound like? Does it make any sense?

    I would say that maybe for the same reason people that were neglected children have this defiant attitude towards authority in general. They have this paranoid, constant sense of threat from authorities, like governments, the "system", . Authorities are always exploitative. Might be this, the-or-one of the, underlying reasons why any sense of authority causes so much rejection and it is highly triggering?

    Just curious to find out a little bit more about the root causes, since there is a quite an alarming increase of hackers all around the world that feel they are fighting for the right cause.

    I have the feeling that these individuals have C-PTSD and this is all related with childhood neglect... I also feel like they have a deep feeling of victimisation and paranoia, like, they feel a constant threat, and they do things because they are really running away. Of course, from the outside it does not look like this for most people.

    Does this make any sense to anyone? Has anyone studied this a bit more? I found extremely helpful the video Richard did about counter dependency. Maybe if he can do a video focused on hacktivists we can save a few hundreds of disasters around the world..

    Cheers and happy boundaries

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