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    When a psychopath tells the truth


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    When a psychopath tells the truth Empty When a psychopath tells the truth

    Post by kibou on Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:39 am

    "We are all puppets." However, the interviewer has too much pride to believe he is a puppet.

    "I don't care about myself, really." Best description ever about psychopathy personality.

    I liked this documentary. I was really scared when I saw the performance of Erin. Does Erin look upset in any way for being in jail? Come on. Just about the opposite. She looks quite happy for her achievements.

    Also, just a side note, my ex husband's face and gesture looks very much like Ramirez's. And my aunt's face and gesture reminds me very much to Erin's. All of them share the same mindset.

    What if I had some of this education in school. Learning about predators I think it is an important part of our lives. But we learn about predators while watching movies. That is why I hate watching movies, because you are not being conscious that you are being brainwashed about to follow some patterns and your critical thinking is totally suppressed.

    Like he said, we are all programmed since we are born. It is certainly very easy for them to go unnoticed through all our lives, and destroy everything on the way.

    I wish Ramirez answered the question why he kills. This must be the biggest secret carefully hidden by all psychopaths throughout all the history of the Earth.

    They all have an agreement among each others. I know that now. No one would believe me anyway.

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