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    Going-too-far looks


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    Going-too-far looks Empty Going-too-far looks

    Post by kibou on Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:38 pm

    When talking to someone I really appreciate I start feeling "too interested" and it feels weird and out of control.

    I don't want to show sexual interest to a workmate or a friend or a business partner! These are people that I should get along with, and even admire, but "not that much".

    I would like to find a place in between, but at the moment, I haven't. It's like, either I like a little or hate you, or I feel like you are some kind of god.

    This makes it very awkward and ruins my relationship with others since it can be misunderstood as "I want to have sex with you", when in reality I am thinking "you are such a beautiful person and I am a big fan of you". Like a rock star or something.

    It is also very naive and immature.

    Not sure how to find a balance. I see on other's faces that my expression is not appropriate, and it shows far too much interest, and makes the other person uncomfortable. It ruins my friendships.

    Note: something that has helped to really improve my relationships with others is being aware about disassociation. I suspected it, but I didn't know it for sure, and now that I know it, I am working on control it more, and things have improved a lot.

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