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    What do you tell people with CPTSD that they do NOT think they are as bad as they are


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    What do you tell people with CPTSD that they do NOT think they are as bad as they are

    Post by kibou on Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:28 am

    Hello everybody!

    I found myself many times thinking that I finally had overcome whatever I had, find out after sometime that I did not overcome it, however, I did make some big progress, but not enough.

    I think it is very important to be aware that:

    - even if we do not see it, people see it from the outside. They will not let us know directly, but if we pay attention to how people talk to us, we may notice some hints

    - my narc aunt said it clearly to me: they do not think they are as bad as they are.

    Very nice my narc aunt, huh? They like to spit out the truth like this from time to time.

    My sister, my mother and my cousins know that "something seems to be not so right" with them, but they are not so sure what it is, and they do not think it is that important.

    Maybe it is a good help that I show them some of the "real" things I see from the outside and no one dares to say.

    My sister was aware about dissociation, but I was not. She told a psychologist, and the psychologist tried hypnosis and several things, but could not help her (angry and disappointed face here).

    I am not so sure how to tell people with CPTSD that they are much worse than they think they are. I do not want to hurt them or to look at me like I am an asshole. However, I think being aware of how bad you are it is the key to be determined to heal properly and putting all your efforts when trying to heal.

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