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    Life changing techniques Empty Life changing techniques

    Post by kibou on Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:07 am


    These two are life changing moments I had with two different professionals.

    The chrysalis

    I would call this one "the chrysalis", as an analogy with the transformation from a caterpillar into a butterfly.

    We were in the therapy session. Same room. She was behind a big desk. I always felt quite dizzy after each session. However, this time was going to be a stronger experience. The session was nearly the end. She stood up and put an empty chair next to me. She got back to her seat.

    My memories are not so clear from this point.

    She shouted - Look at the old (my name here)! - while pointing to the empty chair.
    You are going to say goodbye to the old (my name here)! Say goodbye to the old (my name here)! What would you say to her? - she shouted with a firm voice. She was giving me an order. She hit the desk with her fist.

    She was a very calmed person for every previous session. Her reaction got me into a shocking state. I was paralysed. My mind felt like miles away from my body. It was kind of myself stepped out of my body, and I was looking into myself from the outside.  

    I cried when saying goodbye to my old self.

    When I left the room I felt numb. I still felt outside of my body. I can only remember a few things of my way back home. I lied on the floor and cried.

    I felt like someone destroyed my mind with a laser gun.

    Astral projection

    A couple of years ago I was faced with a public speaking. I read all information I could on the internet, and I was still unable to face a public speaking. A few days before my public speaking I desperately phoned a coach. I briefly told her that I needed urgent help to overcome talking in public.

    When I first met her, I told her my father was a narcissist. She was hesitant to believe it. She did not fully understand what I was talking about.

    She proposed to do a relaxation technique. We were sitting on a chair one in front of each other.

    Breath deeply, ..close your eyes, ..
    Now focus your attention on your legs, .. then on your arms, ..

    So far it looked like the typical relaxation session until she started a visualization game when I got into a fully relaxed state.

    - Now you see there what it is making you insecure, the thing that is with you all this time. What shape does it have? What texture? What colour?
    - (a moment of silent) It's black, ..and sticky. I try to get rid of it but I can't.

    I imagined I was in an empty white room. I saw that disgusting thing just hanging over there. It was like a petroleum stain, big and sticky enough. It was the first time that I was seeing my fears. The visualisation looked very real. I thought I was going to lose my mind if I kept on the game for long time.

    - ..and now you grab the black sticky stain and you throw it away

    I immediately felt a huge relief. She slowly described, step by step, the moment I was grabbing it, and then throwing it away.

    It was not there any more when I opened my eyes.

    It felt like my mind had travelled a few galaxies away.

    This was the first exercise, and the most helpful one to overcome my fear in public. It was followed by other interesting ones in following sessions.

    Next session was about finding out I was using a very exigent language and I was not even aware of it. When she asked me what was the reason why I wanted to be a public speaker, I said to her "Because I want to open people's eyes on how important is X technology." She wrote that down on the board.

    Then she changed it into: "Because I would like to help others have some more clarity on this topic." I was not aware I was using a bad language. My anxiety almost disappeared completely.

    On another session we focused on why I had so much trouble looking into people's eyes. I realised that being a public speaker is hundred times more difficult if you do not look into people's eyes. It is necessary to monitor all the time how the people feel, and to direct the attention to different people. It becomes an entertaining game with practice. When in public I do not have to think very much, so I just let it go. I like that feeling. It makes me feel confident.

    She helped immensely, and she was not a psychologist.

    Have you had any experiences like this? I would repeat them with no hesitation.

    Good luck, and big hugs to all.

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