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    Wake up call Empty Wake up call

    Post by kibou on Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:51 pm


    Maybe I am totally wrong, but from my perception, I see Ted Bundy and people that we label with NPD have too many things in common.

    After our dear Richard Grannon disappeared for a few weeks, I have been thinking what can happen to us if Richard disappears. What can happen to us if I die tomorrow for whatever reason? I think we need to take a little more aggressive position to fight this. I know we are all afraid to "come out of the closet" because people don't understand anything and talking about it seems to ironically, help psychopaths to sink you even deeper in the misery.

    Maybe we can do some brainstorming.

    As when talking about people with "NPD" as "not capable of killing other human being", I disagree. I think both of them are sadists, they take pleasure for torturing others. The ones that do not end up "killing" others (as far as we know!) we label them as NPD.

    Going forward, the main difference between them is that NPD people have more self control, more "awareness" of the consequences of being caught, while guys like Ted Bundy live in a permanent state of "I am at the top of world and nothing can happen to me"-state, that led him do whatever they liked. I firmly believe that people we label as "NPD" will kill or rape any child or living object with the same passion for humiliation as Ted Bundy if they felt in a safe environment (not afraid of being caught and taken into jail).

    "NPD" people struggle to kill people without being noticed.

    At home and in the personal life:
    - using all kind of psychological techniques to insert suicidal thoughts on the people next to them (the "loved" ones) and infuse deep depression
    - making the "loved" ones feel like they are losing their minds
    - use techniques for fun that destroy the immune system of the person, provoking serious illnesses, and sometimes death
    - provoking lifetime trauma (and enjoy while doing so in children and adults) Example: I know someone with anorexia because of someone with NPD in the family
    - use techniques to take away any hint of hope from the "loved" ones
    - sometimes use physical harm
    - try to physically kill you without being noticed, for example, I know one of these exchanged (on purpose) the medical report of someone else at the hospital, and this person went into surgery and was very close to death because of the confusion created among doctors
    - it corrupts the moral of the family: bullying in the family, and abusive families.

    At work:
    - corrupt the moral at work
    - destroy the work of good professionals
    - bullying
    - cost on thousands of $$$ to the company on loses
    - stampede of good professionals at workplace
    - they break things just for fun (I have seen it many times, but no one would believe me). Think about this carefully: if someone with these traits reach a position with certain power, there is nothing we can do.
    I am also scared to death about nano robots. Think what a psychopath able to program a nano robot can do to us. They are everywhere, I am sure there are psychopaths over there too.
    - I had a woman that was a doctor sent me to do some tests with high radiation to me, and they were totally unnecessary and very risky for my health. She said that "nothing would happen to me" and smiled. I am quite sure she is one of these. I did take the test because I wasn't sure at that time I was dealing with them. After me, it was another patience, and thousand of patients following their advice.

    Edit: Also, I do not quite understand when you guys call it "IfMyWoundsWhereVisible". My wounds are very real and visible, and cost me a lot of money on health issues. Our messy culture for health points to the symptom but never to the root of the problem causing the symptoms. Our health culture is insane.

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