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    Corporate psychopath: Many names for the same thing


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    Corporate psychopath: Many names for the same thing Empty Corporate psychopath: Many names for the same thing

    Post by kibou on Sat May 13, 2017 9:50 pm

    The company I am right now is being smashed by a psychopath. Absolutely everybody in the company is clapping their hands and kissing the psychopath's feet.
    Meanwhile, all my hard work from months has been flushed down the toilet by his actions, I look like an idiot and crazy person after all this, and my health has been damaged.
    I found this video then I searched a little bit more, and I found this paper

    tl;dr a psychopath is bad for a company

    Psychopaths do not seem to add any positive characteristic to anything:

    - as parents, they torture their kids. Kids end up with multiple health issues if they manage to survive. Most of them will end up destroying themselves.
    - as workers, they use whatever tactic they find to be promoted, sometimes destroying hundreds of lives on the way, and thousands of hours of work done by competent people. They take crazy decisions for humanity.
    - as a relative in the family, they influence everybody to be mad at each other. "separate and conquer". They create madness and confusion. Family members die faster for "strange" reasons that seem to not have any link among each other.

    Moreover, they corrupt the moral of the people (at work, in a family, in a society). Everybody ends up hating each other, while they are claimed as the saviour.

    As a society, we need to raise awareness about them, and come up with some sort of solution. We cannot keep ignoring they exist.

    In my opinion, they are very violent. Someone that takes pleasure from harming others, and creates chaos without fearing the consequences is a very violent person. We need to expand the meaning of the word "violent".

    Posts : 25
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    Age : 42
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    Corporate psychopath: Many names for the same thing Empty Re: Corporate psychopath: Many names for the same thing

    Post by kibou on Sun May 14, 2017 2:24 pm

    Going forward,

    1. Psychopaths are everywhere, not just in corporations. They work in hospitals, public services.

    2. When finding a corporate psychopath, what actions should be taken from our society? If we limit the actions to just "fire the psychopath", we are ignoring the fact that, when they come back home, they will continue the routine of torturing their kids, torture the husband or wife, and so on.

    Should we keep them in jail for ever? We know psychopaths do not change. They are hard wired to behave like they do.

    Keeping psychopaths in jail for ever may seem too expensive if we do not take into account all the destruction they leave behind them.

    As a society, I see we need to face a few challenges:

    - Develop a consistent way to measure who is a psychopath. Have a way to anonymously report someone you believe is a psychopath.

    - Address the best way to handle them. What to do as a society when we are sure that someone is a psychopath.

    - Educate about them. As a society we are born believing that everybody is equal. That if two people are discussing, it is just a "difference" of characters. Any time I try to explain to anyone how is a psychopath, they do not understand it. They cannot process the idea that someone is enjoying hurting people, many times causing death, and creating chaos. They think that it is not possible that someone that is so sweet can be so harmful.

    - Expand the definition of violence. Our judicial system is obsolete. Psychological damage can cause death. That is a form of violence. It should be better ways to properly measure it.

    - Invest more in prevention and awareness in families, to minimise the creation of psychopaths in babies.

    - Change the way victims from psychopaths are handled. Victims of psychopaths are "victimised". They are told there is something wrong with them. They are prescribed drugs. This is like a horror movie. Nothing is done to the perpetrator, and the victim is seen as the problem. Everything is upside down. It should be the opposite. We should have a system who takes care of the victim without victimise them, and punish the perpetrator who caused harm.

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