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    Does anybody still want to talk about Trump and the Goldwater rule?


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    Does anybody still want to talk about Trump and the Goldwater rule? Empty Does anybody still want to talk about Trump and the Goldwater rule?

    Post by pinguin on Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:29 pm

    I've been watching Richard's video on the diagnosis of Trump and I'm interested in what you guys think about the morality of all this.

    As I understand it, the arguments against fly-by diagnosis are:
    1) It's not accurate because you only have their external behaviours to go by
    2) We're not trained to do it properly
    3) As with anything else medical, diagnosis of a mental illness shouldn't be done without the person's consent
    4) We shouldn't be using a mental health diagnosis to discriminate against someone (e.g. saying they're unfit for a certain job on the basis of a diagnosis of a mental illness alone).

    I get all that, and I'd agree if it was say depression we all thought he suffered from, but it feels to me like NPD is different, because when a person has depression, it's usually them that suffers the most, but when it's NPD, it's the people around them who suffer.
    I've also heard people say that we should judge people solely by their actions and it's not necessary to bring the diagnosis in. But if their behaviour is fitting the pattern of behaviour we would expect from someone with NPD, do we have to then wilfully ignore what an NPD diagnosis would predict about them? Like if I work with someone on an ice cream van and I come to suspect they have NPD, I'm not going to let them look after my kids, even if technically I've never seen them deal with kids so I don't *know* how they will behave in that situation. Does that make sense? I mean, this was a real issue for me with my mother and my kids before I went NC - until I heard of NPD I couldn't put my finger on what was off in her behaviour, it just seemed weird and unpleasant, and I wasn't confident to drop contact with her on the basis that she was a bit odd. When I saw how many of her traits fitted with NPD, I was confident to cut contact in order to protect my kids. The "judge me by my behaviour only" rule would have seen me stay in contact, probably, because her behaviour around my kids was very different to her behaviour with me as a kid. Abusers can vary their tactics. It feels like if we have to judge on behaviour alone, as abuse victims, we're going around with one hand tied behind our back.

    Does anyone know if this stuff's already been bashed out for e.g. psychopathy? It would seem to be the same issue.

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