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    Narcissist rage/injury resulting in a stroke (aphasia)?


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    Narcissist rage/injury resulting in a stroke (aphasia)?

    Post by Zorro on Fri Jan 27, 2017 5:43 pm

    Is it possible that a narcissist can disable his/her own brain functions resulting in e.g. Aphasia, similarly what can happen after a stroke?
    This, as a result of the narcissistic rage/injury and the fear the mask might fall.

    I'm referring to a situation where 2 narcissist got into a fight for weeks (bullying each other and others) and one of them ended up in the hospital with something that looked like Aphasia and couldn't/didn't speak for weeks. Formally, it wasn't aphasia because the neurologist couldn't find anything in the brain scans that would indicate a stroke.

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