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    I had to quit my job because I was experiencing way too much emotional instability


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    I had to quit my job because I was experiencing way too much emotional instability

    Post by trueself1 on Mon Jan 16, 2017 7:12 pm

    I had quit the haircutting job before and I'm pretty sure it was because of complex PTSD or borderline personality disorder.
    I tried it again after learning more about all this stuff thinking I would be better at coping on the job, but I just wasn't able.
    It sucked, because I watched the other stylists be able to eazily get through the day and not appear to struggle at all like
    I was and that's when I knew I must figure out a way to stay self employed or because it's very difficult to function under
    the corporate setting.

    I felt sad about it because the goal was to try to make it at least 6 months before I looked for another job. So I had some
    kind of job history. I'm not giving up on working on this stuff and I don't want to go on welfare or even have to deal with going
    through that lengthy beauracratic process. So I did try really hard but the stress was just unreal, and it was physically, mentally
    so difficult. It really would not be as mentally draining if I didn't have to constantly censor myself with clients. But you know
    how it is in a corporate place. You cannot discuss anything interesting lol! At least that might be stimulating for you. I don't
    mean like grossly inappropriate topics but important stuff like current events, economy, Trump, globalism, narcissism, politics,

    Anyway. still continuing with the journaling and trying to figure out what I'm going to do. Hope everybody doing good cherry

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