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    My brother took sides with my dad


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    My brother took sides with my dad  Empty My brother took sides with my dad

    Post by Richtooth on Tue Jan 10, 2017 3:30 pm

    Hi Richard. My dad is toxic and controlling and I have struggled all my life with his behaviour. His influence on me through his behaviour has caused me anxiety and confidence issues. His tone of voice, physical appearance, swearing, belittling of me constantly, no encouragement, sometimes he would hit me. There was alway a grey cloud over the house and I always felt on edge. Him and my mum would be at each other's throats. My bro never really let it bother him to the degree I did and I decided to talk to him about it the other day. To my horror my bro told me I was a wanker and that I was the cause of my dad being the way he is and I brought it all on myself. He said dad has a temper but other than that he was fine. I couldn't Beleive it. I thought my bro would relate to me but I got a different response. I have stopped talking to my bro now and my dad and I fell out the other day because he spoke to my daughter like shit. Am I better off away from them all? I still want to see my mum but she said her and my dad are a package. If you have the time to reply I would appreciate it. Or if anyone else can reply.
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