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    Sex addiction as part of CPTSD


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    Sex addiction as part of CPTSD Empty Sex addiction as part of CPTSD

    Post by trueself1 on Fri Dec 30, 2016 3:42 pm

    This is a very difficult subject to bring up but, I have noticed that I may be struggling to get past something having to do with sexual addiction. I mean that there is something I'am unable to work out that would help me to be able to process the early trauma that is keeping me from really conquering this issue. It's not as though I have this outrageously high sex drive and I think about it all the time. It's more
    like at times I feel an uncontrollable need to act out when the little voice is telling me that maybe this is not a good idea.

     I will override the voice and justify going through with it anyway. The other thing I do that causes great shame is sometimes have sex when I really don't want to but I sort of freeze and go through with it because I fear the other person's possible reaction to my assertion of not going through with it. I know right, this is horrible and very embarrasing because I know most people do not have this issue and I feel alone in it. I think that I must get something out of it because I would not go through with it, yet it's not because of the pleasure aspect.
    It probably has to do with validation or something else.

     If anybody else knows anything about this or deals with similar issues, I would like it if you would comment. Thank you flower

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