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    I thought I had mastered screening out a physcopath/narcissist.


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    I thought I had mastered screening out a physcopath/narcissist. Empty I thought I had mastered screening out a physcopath/narcissist.

    Post by trueself1 on Wed Dec 28, 2016 2:17 pm

    I hate even admitting that I bumped into a new attractive phsycopath guy whom I had met many years before. This guy definitely
    more in the phsycopath camp and not a narcissist as I have learned the differences. Anyway, at least I'am able to identify them
    quicker now and make the break alot sooner once I'am sure that they display all the traits. He is not a low functioning one and
    that's where I got confused. He appears to be a responsible single dad, and takes care of his responsibilities. The red flags were
    there, I was just not wanting to acknowledge them until a bit further along. I feel so embarrased about this right now.

    I feel like I'm handling it much better now and realize that I absolutely need to strengthen my boundaries, and I'm still falling
    down badly in this area but the journaling is shedding light. It's becoming more clear why I'm not asserting my boundaries and
    the feelings that I have been supressing around this. More and more I think, in fact I'm sure that if I'am attracted to someone
    and they make me feel overly enthusiastic, anxious, alive, adrenalized, terrified for no obvious reason and I suddenly crave
    indulging in alcohol or weed. The odds are good that this person is a pathological. I've been paying attention.

    These type of feelings are not so pronounced around normal, sane, nice guys. This is the problem at the same time. It's
    like how do you change what your attraction is. I guess it's possible but maybe with alot of work? Sereena Niteshade made
    a video about the dangerous ladder that the victims climb over their lifetime if they attract or are attracted to narcissists.
    I felt like I could really relate to that video. Sad

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