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    Post by tyler1313 on Thu Dec 15, 2016 4:39 am

    Hello. I recently made a post on this forum claiming that I found the cause of Sam Vaknin's NPD. I presented my hypothesis to Sam and Richard and shortly after Richard made this video, talking about changes he saw in Sam's behavior:
    Although I did not include Dissociative Identity Disorder in my hypothesis, I did believe when I wrote the hypothesis that DID is caused by C-PTSD. Reason being is reason I believe that I had DID and cured myself. I've been emailing Richard and Sam but have not received a response. The reason I've been given insight into this is because I am a psychopath in recovery myself, however I have never committed a morally irredeemable act in the eyes of society (my superego) or myself (my id). My psychopathy was fueled by an addiction to BDSM pornography. If you read this message please try to communicate to Sam and Richard all of this. I realized that the emails I've been sending to Richard have probably been incredibly emotionally abusive to him and probably abusing his "Inner Critic", which I believe is actually a corrupted Superego-Id relationship. In this case I am the Superego (his external environment) and he is the Id (himself). Because I didn't realize that I was literally his superego, I would've been abusing his inner critic accidentally and he may have even decided to go No Contact with me. Please contact him and ask him to read this.

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