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    Psychopath & WWIII


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    Psychopath & WWIII Empty Psychopath & WWIII

    Post by Reagan88 on Mon Oct 31, 2016 10:06 am

    Hi Richard & Forum Members!

    Thank you for all the wonderful work you are doing. You are helping thousands.

    I’m freshly post a very dramatic breakup with a covert psychopath. The net-net is that I’m learning a lot about the subject and able to make good progress, but one thing is really hanging me up. Perhaps it’s something you could address in one of our awesome videos or elsewhere. I would love some light shed on the subject.

    One of the ways in which we connected was through our mutual interest in ancient history of the world. He was pretty quick to paint a really dark picture of humanity as a bunch of ignorant sheep following Lucifer-worshipping, baby-eating cabal. He had some proof even with his close relative being a high ranking secret-society member, whom he quickly introduced me to. My ex painted himself as the white knight on the bright side of things, while his relative was on the dark side. I was exposed to some disturbing stuff in the few conversations we've had.

    In the four months we were together, he’s filled the airways with an in-depth narrative about how the symbols of evil are all-around us and have been absorbed into the mainstream. He talked a lot about how this dark evil energy has infiltrated and saturated all areas of our civilisation and how we are on the brink of a massive human sacrifice to the evil god, aka WWIII. Needless to say, I am now suffering from CPSD, but my triggers are all the more intense because if I only walk through a city with a church or a lion or winged figures present, all I can think about were the conversations we’ve had and the imminent war that’s coming. Even the news points towards that. It's hard to miss that the world is in dire straits.

    I've been existing in a more-less constant fear state that subtly undermines my thinking. It’s very difficult to live this way. The bind that keeps me missing my oppressor is the thought that he would turn out to be right in the end and by leaving him I lost a valuable source of information and protection (which is crazy because he was the one who was oppressing me, gas lighting me, manipulating me, lying to me, active aggressive towards me, etc.) He was also a brilliant scientist and I just cannot reconcile how someone can be so intelligent and sick at the same time.

    Please help. I want so much to move on from this dismal fog and get my positive, optimistic self back.

    Thank you,

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