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    Triggered by the United States election

    Alexis King

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    Triggered by the United States election

    Post by Alexis King on Fri Oct 28, 2016 3:52 pm

    I don't want to start a political discussion, but I'm starting to have emotional triggers from this election. Mud-slinging is expected, as is a certain amount of misinformation, even some yelling and screaming may be unseemly, but tolerable enough. What I'm seeing now is giving me elevated anxiety. I'm only a few months into recovery and it's like watching my narc run for office. The ego, the gaslighting, the abusive verbiage tone and body language, the projecting, the lying, the name calling, the threats and intimidation... it's everything I'm struggling to overcome and reconcile on a personal level. Plus, half the country has turned into vile heavily armed flying monkeys so going on any social media is upsetting. I live in South Carolina and I honestly don't even feel safe expressing my opinion anymore. I'm working to crawl out of my dark reality tunnel and it's painful to see this behavior supported by so many. What is this world we are living in? Is anyone else feeling this or am I being oversensitive ...?

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    Re: Triggered by the United States election

    Post by wepnode on Fri Oct 28, 2016 6:15 pm

    If you are the smartest person in the

    room, you are in the wrong room

    some things need an audience--you

    can either play with it (practice

    getting tougher), or look away.

    personally, i'm done keeping silent.  

    at my age, it's about time i stand up

    for what's right, and speak for truth.  

    Despite how our media portrays it,

    there are NOT two sides to

    everything. Facts are facts, and

    myths can be dispelled.  Yes i can

    become crestfallen at the loud

    display of ignorance, but i know it's

    not a real representation.

    David French, who was abused on

    Twitter because of politics, muted

    the perps, rather than blocked

    them, because you no longer see

    their messages and they don't even

    know it, so they just keep

    expending their energy, typing

    away...  As his interviewer said,  

    "So there's no revenge that can be

    sought for muting someone

    because they don't know, whereas,

    if you block them, they might want

    to get even with you in some way."  

    (Grey Rock.)




    turn off the media/don't listen, don't

    engage in political discussion if

    you're not ready.  

    i remember hearing Maya Angelou

    say she kicked someone out of her

    home on Thanksgiving, for their

    words/behavior.  That had never

    occurred to me, and made me feel

    empowered.  some things just aren't


    A lot of the political garbage being

    spewed is fear mongering (no

    different than the usual "news").  

    Taking care of yourself means

    protecting yourself.  You don't have

    to expose yourself to everything,

    certainly not to anything toxic to

    you, particularly the FEAR which

    you'd begin to vibrate in response

    to.  You can kick someone out of

    your home, or out of your personal

    space...wise people have said, just

    "remove yourself" --mute.
    Alexis King

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    Re: Triggered by the United States election

    Post by Alexis King on Sat Oct 29, 2016 4:03 pm

    Wise words! You brought up fighting back. I'm admittedly dealing with newfound anger, but in the last two weeks I've really pushed back against misinformation. I keep it above the belt and on point, but am persistent in a way that can be really annoying Smile It would seem demanding truth in this way is good boundary work... I just don't want to turn into an a-hole or a narcissist myself. I'm already afraid for my personality... that it's been ruined, and I don't want to make it worse. It's a mine field trying to navigate this election and NPD recovery simultaneously so I'm going to take ALL of your advise and apply one or another according whether doing what I feel is right... is the right thing for me... right now.
    * Fight for what I believe
    * Speak my mind, mute the rest (why haven't I been doing this?)
    * Leave the room
    Good stuff. I like it. Thank you!

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    Re: Triggered by the United States election

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