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    OCD and B Complex PD


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    OCD and B Complex PD Empty OCD and B Complex PD

    Post by Karie777 on Fri Oct 14, 2016 9:00 am

    All the way from sunny south africa
    I came across your you- tube videos, because watching is easier than reading Smile
    So much teaching, loved it and getting to know concepts.
    So here is something that is n bit strange, which is my circumstances now at the moment

    My husband has OCD, and not the cleaning or checking type but the Pure O- which is all about mental checks.
    Unfortunetly he got hold of a very specific OCD this time round which included me being part of his mental checks--- IIIII KNOW
    It got so bad he had to be booked into a mental facility. Because boundries was very badly taken by him- he took it as rejection and

    a very passive agressor came out. Attack/ Crying and saying sorry. even going so far that if i do not participate he might probably kill himself
    With this, a very clear personality disorder was revealed, and I could see through our 8 years of marriage how we operated unhealthly
    With OCD the illusion from reality is really crazy. I am the root from all his rejection because of my verbal abuse- according to him. I will not deny that i got a bit crazy there
    now and then, but I know also for almost 3 years I have stepped out of it and waited. Going through the motions but in the wait I have become cold in the sense that I started living my life without him.
    So this was a big blow up- we have a choice. RESET button on 8 years
    I can do that, but I also am aware of 2 major things his phycologist made me aware off: 1. He has big issues regarding rejection; no self esteem and masquarading this through a histrionic pd
    and his OCD is targeted at a trauma in my life which I have dissassociate from for the very evasive way he with his OCD has invaded it.
    Life is not fair this I know- In my heart I just want to walk away. In myself I feel OK with that but for my kids I wonder if I give it another go I might surprise myself maybe and maybe he might, since he is in therapy now.
    Either way 6 months wont kill me and might allow me to walk away without his passive aggresive tendencies towards me.
    Can you shed light on how OCD can manifiest and if OCD anxiety might show up as context specific narcissism.


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