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    Psychotherapy Horror Stories Empty Psychotherapy Horror Stories

    Post by sophie003 on Wed Oct 12, 2016 3:21 pm

    Hi Richard,

    I wanted to share my experience after seeing your video on Psychotherapy Horror Stories.

    I have experienced narcissistic abuse from my psychologist family and from therapists I have been to. I am now continuing and doing well in my recovery by using helplines, books, youtube, and making new friends.

    My mother is a Professor of Psychology (she got her degree in the grant free-for-all in the 70s when I was kid and went from alcohol and men to workaholism - same old emotional abandonment) and an arch narcissist. My stepfather is also a Professor of Psychology and is her narcissistic prop. She has been rejecting me since I was born, plus all the usual manipulations, projections, physical and emotional abuse, and blaming me and my brother (who is a recovering alcoholic). My aunt became a psychotherapist in later life, and now, aged 73, (face-lifted to within an inch of her life), accused me of false memories of my father sexually abusing me over boozy restaurant lunches on three separate occasions. It took me that long to clock. It was the last straw and turned out to be an amazing blessing in freeing me from this crapola. (NB I told my mother about my father touching me up when it happened and she abandoned me to him - saying I had a choice whether to see him or not but doing nothing. I eventually ran out of excuses. I had to watch out for myself when I stayed with him after that - my Ma was an research psychologist by this time specialising in, amongst other things, sexual abuse).

    I've also experienced repeated victim blaming and dodgy boundaries from many of the therapists I've been to. When I discuss my personal experience of the psych 'profession' with psychologists/therapists they have often gotten defensive. As I was growing up I got used to my mother's friends openly discussing and dissing their clients. My aunt also blamed a client of hers on lunchtime 'She's a loser. She should stop blaming her loser parents and take responsibility for her life.' (she charges an awful lot of money for this kind of contempt). One client she had, when the client had a breakdown, after seven years of this 'therapy' and my aunt said 'she seemed like a normal neurotic, I had no idea.' my aunt felt threatened and abruptly ended the therapy - told me all about it - and got her legal people to stop this 'crazy' person harassing her or complaining to her professional body. I have experienced almost the exact same words from a therapist in a sexual abuse centre. I tried to complain and was blamed for being fucked up over the therapist's 'years of experience'. I have learned never to challenge a psychotherapist covert narcissist. They have big guns and they can wipe you out.

    It has taken me a long time (47 years) to get the Demon Mother critic out of my head. I've also finally got my family and narcissistic friends/partner out of my life. I am experiencing a new freedom I never thought possible. I was so trapped in the professional 'rightness' of my mother's pronouncements (she's been calling me a narcissist since I was 14 etc), it was like a double bind - covert narcissism backed up by the nukes of psychology 'expertise'. I think Alice Miller talks about this in 'The Drama of Being a Child'. The truth surely sets you free.

    I read the Pete Walker book and the Narcissist Daughters book and it's like the scales have dropped from my eyes. My health is better (after often being totally floored by chronic fatigue syndrome - the emotional flashbacks are out in the open now and I am starting to face them, rather than being numbed by sleep). I suddenly realised that what I thought was totally normal and respectable behaviour in my family, and me seeking out other narcissists without even knowing what I was doing, but that it felt somehow inherently 'right', is deeply sick. I cannot believe that normal relationships are so easy! And other people's human imperfections aren't life threatening to me or the cosmic order.

    Thank you for your wonderful videos. They have really helped me. I also know that not all therapists are like this! But keep your eyes open! I think I've become psycho/therapist phobic...


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