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    Post by antinarc on Thu Nov 13, 2014 9:56 pm

    Had an 8 yr relationship and two children with one. Although I present with many of the common bpd traits of npd abuse, therapists seem very confused by my handling of the situation. I compartmentalise very efficiently and I am contractual...when the npd husband went nuts I wrote up a contract and made him sign it regarding appropriate behavior and reprecissions of breaking the terms (ie he would be kicked out). This was a 4 page contract that came in handy durring the divorce. When he threatened suicide by hanging himself I took the rope, threw it over the cealing beam, and told him to go for it that I'd like to watch to make sure he really was dead (he was never going to kill himself...who would rule the world then).
    When I realized I was dealing with a narc is when it went wonky. Somehow the realization that he didn't/couldn't care for our children broke something in me. Now I see narcs everywhere. I am well aware of my and my children's worth and have 0 contact with my ex. He trys to reidealise at times but I just ignore him as we live in another country now. How do you stop seeing narc traits in everyone? I feel like I'm sabatoging good things because I will not put my children through another narc (yes, he was your dark triad..really nasty fucker). I've watched your videos but see at least 2 or more of the narc traits in everyone I What if a person shows empathy (real) but has grandiose issues? How do you tell the difference between a dream/goal and npd? I have a ton of questions and honestly the therapists I've seen didn't know or mention half of what you've kindly explained for free. Actually got ditched by the last one cause aside from bpd "traits", I had nothing wrong w me and therapist said it'd be a waste of money to keep going. Would really appreciate a video or your thoughts on how to be less hyperaware of npd traits (ie seeing it in everyone).

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