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    Not sure if he's a narc or just super self absorbed


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    Not sure if he's a narc or just super self absorbed Empty Not sure if he's a narc or just super self absorbed

    Post by UT76 on Thu Sep 15, 2016 4:19 am

    Been talking with who I think may be a narc for almost 2 years. We rekindled a friendship after a 20 year gap. He went off and got married had kids, as did I... Now we talk almost daily but I am starting to think he has strong narcissistic tendencies.
    Gets highly upset if I criticize anything he says/ does.
    Disappears or goes silent if I tell him something he's done or has not done upsets or has let me down.
    Is always telling me about how great his kids are, how much he's accomplished at work, how wonderful his business trips and dinner events are and how much people respect and cater to him at work.
    He is also highly sexual when talking, references sex a lot even if we have not spoken ( due to a silent treatment) he rebounds quickly and try's to avoid any discussion of what lead to or created the issues.. He jumps back in like nothing ever happened , no ones feelings got hurt, and expects me to follow suit.
    One evening, while discussing a very personal situation with him... He literally said during my mid sentence, " hey do you see that ball field I just drove past?" When I asked him what the hell he was talking about he started to laugh. And replied " see now your not focused on the bad stuff, I distracted you." Then proceeded to change the subject like I was never speaking.
    i don't know .. I've never met anyone like him. He literally says he's a mess. But then comes right behind that statement and reassures himself by telling me, that I like him that way, a mess.
    He started off very aggressively pursuing my attention , asked me " where have you been all my life?" He references memories from our past relationship- from 20 years ago. Tells me he can still remember how my hair felt in his hands, the coldness of my winter coat against him as he drove me home night after night when we dated.. How I'm the one that got away.
    He's cried on the phone with me multiple times, when he's stressed he says he needs to hear my voice.... But then he also goes silent for days if I say something that irks him...
    The term narcissist gets thrown around very easily... I'm confused to say the least. Please help to shed some light ( if possible)

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