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    Dad not talking to children


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    Dad not talking to children Empty Dad not talking to children

    Post by vsz1727 on Wed Sep 07, 2016 5:19 pm

    Hi all! I really need some help with my boyfriend. I have a narcissistic boyfriend. He has been ignoring his children more progressively everyday. It is only to do things for himself, just sit around and watch TV and eat all night long with his dad and brother. Yesterday he went into his office to get something. From outside the door my one year old said dad 12 times, and he finally responded and said what? And then went back out the door to spend time with his dad and brother again for the rest of the night. My son was sick! How can he not care about his son at all!? Some fathers just don't care about their children. But no this guy is an actual narcissist. I have seen evidence of it over and over and over again. At Christmas he didn't even buy him a Christmas present.

    I am thinking about leaving him, moving to Costa Rica. Please help. Will this make him act crazier? I hear that this will sometimes make narcissists act crazier than they already were before.

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    Dad not talking to children Empty Full-Blown Cluster B's Worsen Over Time

    Post by bkb2012 on Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:05 am

    Keep telling yourself the following:

    1) Rationalization keeps you stuck
    2) These people... when diagnosed using the full APA format for personality disordered --

    may be schizotypo

    do not function well because some may be sensory-deficit-disordered

    and cannot problem-solve like a non-borderlined individual.

    Therefore, you have a choice to make.

    It Involves:

    1) Heal
    2) Not Heal

    These individuals ask you to become psychotic with them ... should you choose to remain.

    If you ask the NPD 'severe' (not imagined or falsely labeled)..., are you asking me to uphold your false reality?

    You will get a 'yes' if it's a Histrionic Personality... Cluster B.


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