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    Ecstasy and NPD


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    Ecstasy and NPD Empty Ecstasy and NPD

    Post by on Mon Aug 15, 2016 2:45 pm

    My question if this gets to Richard's attention or if anyone else here knows the answer to it; I am reading Sam Vaknin's book and am to the part where he is discussing brain injury & substance abuse and NPD. Can the use or over use of Ecstasy cause a narcissist to get exponentially and progressively worse? I recently separated from a malignant narcissist baby momma, she was 48 when our perfectly healthy and normal son was born, before and after he was born we both did Ecstasy on a fairly regular basis about once a month. She almost died giving birth to our son and they had to take her uterus out; even before that she was always "intense" but seems to have gotten exponentially and progressively worse.

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