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    Post by blahblah77 on Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:17 am

    First of all, I just want to start this post by saying I hope these posts are not clogging up the forum and bothering people.  Richard if me using your public forum to ramble bothers you just say the word and I'll stop.  Otherwise I would love to continue to use this as a place to clear my thoughts in a safe setting.  Secondly, I'm not a psychologist so everyone reading this please take my words with a grain of salt.

    I just had some troubling thoughts about a professor that I had in my third year of college.  He was in the school of business.  And I would say that there is a very high likelihood that he was a psychopath.  Now let me assure you; I am not someone to simply write someone off with that label.  There are only two people in my 24 years of being on this planet who I would say that about with even a relative degree of certainty.  And he is one of them.  

    I noticed that there was something familiar about this professor from day one.  He surveyed the room with a rare level of calmness.  He would talk with a degree of grandiosity in most of what he said; as if his words were ultimate facts to be unquestioned.  He weeded out the weak students rather quickly in his class; intimidating many with the notion that accounting was a course designed for "tough men and women only; not boys and girls".  He was quick to make an example out of a student by throwing him out of class simply for being slightly late.  Most people were intimidated by him rather quickly, especially his grading policy.  His rigidity in class rules and grading was second to none, and he operated them in a near binary fashion (no shades of grey).  This is where he seems to be setting the tone for the strict nature in which he wants his class to operate, although it does not harbor nearly enough evidence for him being a psychopath.  But lets now take a look at his incredible ability to charm and manipulate.

    This professor would often use a tactic I like to call "every guy in this classroom is a dickhead except me".  He would make statements specifically to the women of the classroom like "ladies, I'll tell you how you know if you picked the right man for you.  If he sits to the right of you on a date then you need to toss him.  Only the most important person sits on the right".  Of course, that is a logical fallacy to believe that someone does not value another person simply because they sat to the right of them at a table.  And not a social rule that every single person on earth follows or believes.  But he specified these rules with a dogmatic assertiveness as if they were absolute truth.  And he had a lot of these rules.  We would learn a new one every single day.  Some of them were about how to conduct business and how to not show your hand.  As Richard Grannon specifies a psychopath as saying in one of his videos, they were rules about how to "hide elements of your personality".  He had many, many, rules for conducting business with a poker face.  And he would oftentimes go far out of his reach as a professor of business, making an effort to try to portray men as dogs to all the women of the room by saying things like "now I know how all of you ladies feel about your boyfriends for behaving like this" as if he knew that every woman in the room was dissatisfied with her boyfriend or thought that her boyfriend was a raving sex addict.  Or as if every guy in the room was definitely a raving sex addict.  Large generalizations used to break up the classroom along lines of gender.  But then he would portray HIMSELF as an altruistic, perfect person.  For example, he one time made a huge, public, deal in the classroom over how one girl in the class had lost her grandparents.  That kind of information is obviously sensitive.  I believe the line went something like "Now I know that some of you in the class know the importance of putting family first.  Keeley here tragically lost both of her grandparents recently.  This is why you must put time with them first.  Your grandparents would all kill to hear from you more often.  So I will give extra credit to those of you that write letters to your grandparents".  He would do things like that in order to set himself up as the perfect person... ESPECIALLY selling himself to the women of the classroom.  At one point he went out of his way to publicly point out a "very deep crush" that the TA had on a former student, and how he empathized with her since the crush in question had recently been married.  At the surface, he may have seemed like an innocent man to the oblivious.  But the reality that he was INTENTIONALLY creating for the women in class was "men are unsafe... except me.  I am very safe.  I am a family man, a man of God, a man of emotional intelligence.  And I am a MAN.  I know exactly what I am doing at all times".  He was very, very, effective at this tactic.  

    The religiosity was another red flag.  He would make statements like "This problem is very serious.  And the ONLY way that it can be fixed is through religious conversion".  As if somehow converting to the specific cult-like version of Christianity which he was recommending was somehow the ONLY way to solve a specific problem.  I believe drug dependency was the problem he was referring to, but could be wrong.  Either way it is another unlikely truth.  He would do everything that he could to push his false, egoic, identity on everyone in the class.  Before class everyday, he would often play Country Christian music that had many references to God and often featured female singers.  He wanted to be viewed as a savior for women (probably conned quite a few women that way) and an ideal, God worshiping, family business man.  He also wanted to be viewed as someone to take very seriously at all costs.

    Next red flags are his cover ups.  At one point he actually made a point in a lecture to point out that "about less than one percent of the population, is a special kind of person.  A psychopath.  You need to be very careful of these people".  Well, sure.  I know that.  And what better way for a psychopath to cover up his psychopathy than to suggest to the class that he wasn't one (those people are dangerous; at least you can be thankful that I am not one of those people)?  Hmmm... seems a little fishy.  He would regularly share details about his family life; his daughters.  Talking about how his daughters were raised.  Talking about his daughters' career choices.  Showing what a great father and family man he was.  At one point he had a story about how a woman was at an airport and set her bags down for a second. A man sat right next to her.  She thought that he was going to take her stuff because of their interactions.  He ended up, in the end, simply asking her to share a bag of chips with him.  The moral of the story was to always question one's intuition because you might end up being wrong and hurting someone's feelings in the end.  I was thinking this could have been an indirect message to anyone who may have had their suspicions.  "If you think that I am a psychopath due to having seen my tendencies elsewhere, you should probably think again.  You might be wrong".

    The most suspicious, and downright DISTURBING red flag was what he ended his final class with.  Something along the lines of "Now folks.  This is how I want to end this final class.  Some people are very sick.  Some people molest children.  If you EVER see signs of someone molesting children, alert the authorities right away.  Words do not describe what I would do to someone so disgusting".  Now why would a university business professor, of all people, go out of his way to bring up ANY of these subjects in class?  Intimate family details, psychopathy, intimate details about other students that shouldn't have ever been made public, religion, and now child abuse???  I can almost bet money on that man being a child molesting psychopath.  I can almost put a thousand dollars down and say "he is using his class as a means to brainwash students and portray a false, idealic, self in order to cover up his own disgusting, abusive, tendencies while simultaneously gathering more victims; typically in the form of innocent female college students".  

    I'm absolutely fucking disgusted by these thoughts and the sad reality that they are probably true.  I've seen it before I met this man.  I had a "friend" who was more than likely a psychopath.  He behaved very similarly, in almost a robotic fashion.  I wish I could prove what he was doing with absolute certainty and publicly out him as a dangerous person.  Sadly I am unable to do that because the consequences would likely be drastic for me (talk about the smear campaign someone so incredibly manipulative and socially intelligent could unload, and even the possibility of physical violence on top of that).  However, wouldn't be surprised if I read a news headline in 10 years where he finally gets caught for being a pedophile.  What a shitty thing to have to share the world with people like that.  And to have them so easily and gracefully get into positions of power where they can better control and dominate others.  Sad

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    Post by Lord Of The House Of Ash on Fri Oct 28, 2016 5:33 pm


    Yeah, dude sounds like an icky boy. Very strange bringing up that sorta stuff in a business class?

    I'm at least certain my honour's supervisor is NPD. I knew him before I had him as my supervisor as he was a tutor in my undergraduate course. After I finished those three years, I did Richard Grannon's course and whallah: I was a changed man.

    As I had drastic and fantastic changes, I began to question his behaviour and, upon meeting him with a new consciousness, realized the dude was sick. So, I got RG's book on how to fight narcs and, sadly, had the year with him. Had no big tussles and it went rather smoothly, as well as him providing sage advice.

    I'll say one funny/messed up anecdote. I was talking about censorship in my thesis and had a chapter on sexual violence (long story). Anyway, I had the chapter, at the time, called 'sex'. He was worried that a woman was going to read my thesis and think I conflated sex and sexual violence or something like that. So, we're talking on skype and he's saying what he thinks I should do. The first option being that i rename it to sexual violence and flat out say that I do not conflate the two terms (which I was happy with and, waiting for him to finish talking, was going to tell him I was fine with it). However, he kept on going and I'm going to try to say, the best I can, verbatim what he said:

    'Or, you could stick to your guns, and say what you really mean: That violence is always inherent in sex! For example, a penis penetrates a vagina.'

    And in my mind I just burst out laughing going 'No! Wtf? Where did you find that in my thesis? You crazy, crazy boy!'

    There's some other absolute pearlers that give an insight to his very messed up existence. One of which was him saying something like sex education is somehow state sanctioned pedophilia.

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