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    Questions regarding "You All Exist Only in My Mind", Sam Vaknin Video


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    Questions regarding "You All Exist Only in My Mind", Sam Vaknin Video Empty Questions regarding "You All Exist Only in My Mind", Sam Vaknin Video

    Post by Francis23 on Fri Jul 22, 2016 1:23 am

    Regarding the recent Sam Vaknin Video, Narcissist: You All Exist Only in My Mind (Hive or Swarm False Self and Ego Functions), and your response, specifically with regards to the "absence of the Ego" in the Narcissist.

    Would it be the case, however, that the 'true self', and hence, the true ego, is indeed present during Narcissistic Injury? Would this be a case of the 'authentic child', the originally traumatized true self, on display, in spite of the Narcissist's best attempts?

    Second, wouldn't the the statement "The Narcissist has no Ego" apply ONLY to his external conduct, which is from the 'false self'? On some level, isn't the essential drive towards Narcissistic Supply a fundamental aspect of the ego? This seems as though it would be the same with any addict. Even if what is presented by the Narcissist is only the false self, and the Narcissist hides his true self, his true desire for the Supply from everyone, including himself?

    It would just seem to me that, speaking from a 'living with no ego' perspective, even while the Ego is not present in the foreground (even possibly in the mind of the abuser them self), it is very present in the whole of the person, behind the scenes, in the one thing that matters, namely, the Narcissistic Supply and Narcissistic Injury. Dying to this ego-driven thing, that of identifying one's sense of self with supply, would, it seems be the fulfillment of living 'ego'-less. What Sam Vaknin said is very correct, but only when applied to the outward conduct and behavior, not their entire person. The ego is very present on the inside of the Narcissist, and it is the Narcissistic Supply itself that is the thread leading back to it. If the Narcissist died to the supply, died to the desire of the supply, and died to the enjoyment of the supply, then they would no longer be a Narcissist. However, this is the one part of their personality they least want to look at.

    Anyway, these are just my musings on his video and yours, and I thought I would share. Not saying they're all right, just sharing what I observe from the subject.

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