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    ptsd and asperges syndrome


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    ptsd and asperges syndrome Empty ptsd and asperges syndrome

    Post by ajmurphy07 on Tue Jun 28, 2016 6:50 pm

    hi richard, i have some questions?...if someone is diagnosed with ptsd and doesnt get any help or treatment with it, whats the outlook for them?( hes now 38 and was 23 at the time of diagnosis).. can asperges syndrome be confused with npd?..i think maybe this person had cptsd long before the professor who diagnosed him saw him,  as a result of childhood trauma and that he maybe has a personality disorder which could have presented as asperges at the time..(logically the professor may have put his ptsd on his diagnosis because it corresponded with when he left the army)...this guy argued his asperges syndrome diagnosis with the professor who gave it him..which i thought was strange..he was very controlling, manipulative and emotionally abusive towards me and my young sons..yet he idolised the son we shared together..things became so bad.. i had to seperate from him..before i lost my children..thankyou so much !

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    ptsd and asperges syndrome Empty Re: ptsd and asperges syndrome

    Post by MidnightOwl on Thu Aug 04, 2016 6:22 pm

    Aj - did Richard ever answer this in a Hangout?

    My brother has Aspergers and I have long since wondered about my mother's NPD in relation to his mental state. Specifically, could functional aspergers actually be a form of CPTSD?

    When I look at my mother and my brother, the difference I note is that my brother needs no narc supply in the slightest. He is introverted, his life revolves around himself, but he doesn't seek people out through covert nor overt means. So, as a sibling, it's challenging in that he doesn't seem to care about others very much (although, I think he does, but he doesn't express it well), so your needs as a family member go fairly unmet.

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