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    (Google Hangout) Celebrity Tip-Off


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    (Google Hangout) Celebrity Tip-Off Empty (Google Hangout) Celebrity Tip-Off

    Post by StuuVS on Sat Jun 25, 2016 5:48 pm

    Dr Drew Pinsky, of TV and "Loveline" fame) used to nail female callers to his radio show, who were talking in what he would label their "little girl voice." They'd be trying to ask him about a problem with their current boyfriend, and he'd lean on them- "What happened to you when you were six years old?" And sometimes they would have to dig, because they'd buried it or normalized it. And it was always something some traumatic sexual abuse. Always. But Drew was tuning in on the pitch of their voices, because that's the voice the person had when they were violated.
    Seems it's true for genius pop stars, too. That soft, childish voice and the simpering. I've read MJ was in the hotel rooms with his much older brothers as they'd have sex with their groupies while on tour. Those teens could handle it. The child couldn't.

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