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    Moving to get peace?


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    Moving to get peace?  Empty Moving to get peace?

    Post by HadEnough on Mon May 30, 2016 5:06 pm

    Background: I have 2 kids with the exhN. Been "free" 10 years (he left  sunny ten years ago). Kids are entering 6th and 9th grades this year. He plays all the N games he can with the kids.
    We owe very little on our house, we will pay it off within 10 years.
    I have been playing with the idea of moving. Taking my family and moving away from the N. My kids see him weekly.
    So my thought here is if I am able to move away from him and his antics 1. My kids will suffer less abuse.
    2. I will be able to breathe and heal more consistently without having to deal with him every week. Maybe once every few months, whatever, depending on how far I can move. I'm thinking anywhere from 4-5 hours away to a different state all together.  

    I ran this by my husband, he thinks (more practically than me) that since our home is almost paid off that we should stay, and I just learn to deal with the N and teach my kids how to deal with the N too.
    I only discovered exh was an N about a year ago.

    Now I see my husband point, it's a great one, but can't I learn to deal with the N from far away too?
    There are other factors for wanting to move too. Better neighborhood, slightly larger house, better climate, that kind of stuff. Although where we live is not horrible now.
    Any thoughts or advice are appreciated.  
    Have a happy week guys!

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    Moving to get peace?  Empty Re: Moving to get peace?

    Post by Aaron6200 on Wed Jul 20, 2016 11:42 pm

    N people usually have a criminal record, if your husband isn't sure about leave, maybe suggest that learning to deal with a criminal around the kids isn't safe. I am afraid just thinking about it. You seem to only have good reasons to move, it sounds like a good choice, but I'm no expert.

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