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    build better boundaries free video course

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    build better boundaries free video course

    Post by Richard Grannon on Sun May 29, 2016 9:55 am


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    Building Better Boundaries...thank you!

    Post by SilverLining on Sun Jun 26, 2016 4:18 pm

    Thank you for your clear definition and rational, realistic recovery steps in the Building Better Boundaries tutorials. This is the most effective program I've ever found because it is unwavering in its commitment to truth and absolutely grounded in reality. I have discovered that I have an amazing capacity to rationalize and defend what "feels" comfortable and "morally correct" because it was inserted and reinforced in my emotional and psychological being from a very young age. I learned how to rationalize and defend unhealthy beliefs from a black belt. In my recovery process, I had to accept "reinventing" myself and become open to a brand new orientation of the world and of myself in that world. This was really my first step. Once I accepted the fact that all I knew and believed was a distortion and that my inner space had never been exclusively MY domain, it became surprisingly easy to acknowledge the absolute truth of your content and to incorporate the plan. I have been engaged in this self-awareness quest for decades and have made progress, had breakthroughs but I discovered that I still had incredibly porous ego boundaries. My most recent experience felt like someone moved into my internal space and was magnanimously "allowing" me to, occasionally, if I was a good girl, use my own "stuff"...for a fee. I also tended to invade other peoples' space, being excessively "helpful" which I had learned was generous and good. I had internalized so many distorted values, that you have reminded me, are not good at all. I am fortunate to have always been very self-disciplined and once I decide to engage in an action, I do it. Your tutorials walked me through the steps and I have experienced, already, an amazing empowerment and a new moral compass that validates my boundaries. Thank you has taken me 57 years to feel like I've crossed into autonomy and sovereignty that is genuine and secure. Although, I am a perpetual work in progress, I finally feel like the perimeter is safe, the guards are not hostile, may even be "friendly" but are definitely "on duty" and, at last, I have a core sensation of emotional/psychological safety. I feel like I can say "no" without compensating or being reduced to the helplessness of a child. This is amazing! Thank you for your commitment to this project and for reminding us there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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