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    abused by second time....

    another one

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    abused by second time.... Empty abused by second time....

    Post by another one on Tue May 24, 2016 5:07 am

    Hi, well, i´m new in the neighborhood, but not in the issue, this is the second time I  fall in the " being abused situation " i´ve seen it in some kind of way, because it happened to me once with another girl and huge consequences to my entire this time I was aware of ( I actually talked about that tho my recent ex before she discarded me), i´ve read a lot about narcissistic abuse before....but as i see now, this time was a shy one, and i´m still in the shock after a month of no contact....the fact is that I don´t know how to manage the situation right now, after i´ve decided to stop the relationship she played the victim role and applied to me the silent thretment until I finally wrote the last mail to her a month ago telling her how she hurted me so bad and I went no contact .....but she´s in the same group of friends I have ( and as im foreigner here is a very close group) her best friend ( who also treats her boyfriend like a shit, we friends have talked about that) lives with my best friend and some other people in a house, so she´s comming all the time and acting like nothing happened, and gettin sure that I know everything she does, her friend talks about her all the time, she comes with her new friends to my neighborhood, etc...and i realized that i´m close to be sure she´s hanging around with some guy and my friends kind of insinuate me ( or maybe she want me to think so, with the help of her friend).....they said to me : she has no empathy man, dont worry, you didn´t deserved such a freak...etc....

    well I just want to know how do I manage the situation the best way so i can be in my process  in peace......and get recovered once and for all, i can´t stand falling in love with no more narcissistic person!!!!!!!!!

    I´m thinking, talking and reading a lot, and looking at this good videos you share on youtube, which I thank you a lot

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    abused by second time.... Empty Re: abused by second time....

    Post by Aaron6200 on Wed Jul 20, 2016 11:53 pm

    Yes, read more, about this. Learn to describe your problems. Your healing process needs to be your own, don't let anyone into it, that shouldn't be. If you are hanging around the same friends, maybe you need to take some time off from that group, or see them at other times.

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