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    Multiple daily flashbacks


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    Multiple daily flashbacks Empty Multiple daily flashbacks

    Post by MrHogg on Sun May 08, 2016 12:19 pm

    Hi Richard,

    I have been working on reducing my emotional flashbacks for more than three years since I first came across Peter Walkers "Complex PTSD" in search of a way to cope with me discovering that I were the golden child of a dysfunctional family, wich on their part were about to destroy my marriage, relation to our daughters and the sanity of both my wife and I.
    My daily chores consist of conscious selfcare (as in remembering a morning shower) , excersises like the audio tracks on your " How to Stop Emotional Flashback", a handful of similar hypnosis files, weekly yoga, a fairly healthy lifestyle a.s.o.
    Also I have been consulting a very trusted counsellor for the past 29 years in the attempt to cope with what I formerly described as massive angest and regular depressions.
    The number and intensity of the flashbacks, however, are very slow to diminish, i think, and as I have had to cut contact with my family of origin the intensity of the flasbacks are highly strung with guilt.
    Do you have some idea of how to comfort myself a bit, as I sometimes get a bt desperate, longing for some more lasting peace of the kind I discovered to be possible after my initial breakthrough in understanding about three and a half year ago?

    Best regards

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