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    how to leave them behind


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    how to leave them behind Empty how to leave them behind

    Post by mariawolf on Sat Apr 30, 2016 10:19 am

    Hallo Richard,

    Ich bin aus Deutschland und 34 Jahre alt.
    I have two questions that are related to each other. about half a year ago I went no contact with my family after becoming the scapegoat. you helped me a lot, I also went through most of your courses. My Family, including my covert NPD mother bothers me much less.

    Even though I feel more free, thrive and enjoy my time with my husband, I spend too much time thinking of my family that I could put into other things. They are always present in the back of my head and I feel it keeps me from moving on with my life and that it makes me sick. Recently I feel very impatient and angry with myself that I still "hang around with them."

    I am afraid that when I stop giving them space in my life and in my head, that I might suppress emotions or processes that are important to look at and that I might harm myself by that.

    1. How can I move on and put them aside, without avoiding, or supressing my emotions or simply bypassing?

    Another thing related to this is my self-boycott. Because of beliefs, fears and programs implemented in childhood I tend to pull the break, when things in my life accelerate and when I get the abundance I always wished to have. For example I catch a flu or find other excuses to slow down again. It makes me so sad, because finally it is my turn and I want to take that chance so much!

    2. how can I overcome this self-boycotting program and move on?

    Thank you!

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