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    Post by Michael45 on Wed Apr 13, 2016 6:03 pm

    Hello Richie!

    I want to first say thank you for all your work . It's changed my life rapidly . I won't go into many specifics because all you cover I feel should be on a larger scale . Many people are suffering and this information needs to become more widespread. I do have some questions any help is always greatly appreciated :

    1when are any of your new products coming out ??

    2my inner critic seems to be able to win me over when they say things that are true in order for me to not move forward ? How do I combat this?

    3With all this knowledge and with application I still feel like I'm missing something. I don't know if this is an emotional flashback or with understanding? It still feels like I don't know who I really am. Also I keep having strange dreams of the toxic woman what does that mean?

    4you spoke on sexual dysfunction in your seminar course how are was to reverse these sexual issues one can face ? Such as getting off too quick lack of sex drive or no feeling of sex at all?

    Thanks again Richie your a God send. For every day I get better  I feel like I owe you a great deal of extreme gratitude.


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