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    Post by Over it? on Sun Apr 03, 2016 2:27 pm

    I now recognise in greater depth that my x partner of 14 years was and is a covert narcissist. He has been having a relationship over the last 17 years with an equally now I see so clearly a recognised covert narcissist behind my back. However I have to admit to knowing at times he has and given him all the help I could to see that his childhood affects his behaviour. Forgiven him and tried to move on. More lies.
    Such terrible lies have been told by both of them.
    I have now become friends with the woman's husband who is much older than her and me. A 27 year marriage in their case. After learning so so much more about her I can see her traits are so similar to my x.
    So..... together what on earth will that bring? No commitment has been made by either of them still in 6 months to be together.
    I desperately need to move on from all of it . This is a tiny tiny example of what I have been through. But after listening to quite a few of your videos it is just curiosity that has driven me to ask via your newly found facebook page as to what knowledge do you have of 2 covert narcissistic people being together . Thankyou.
    Trying to be strong.

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