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    Narcissist vs Psychopath vs CPTSD


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    Narcissist vs Psychopath vs CPTSD Empty Narcissist vs Psychopath vs CPTSD

    Post by WOOD12 on Sat Apr 02, 2016 9:50 pm

    just been watching this video plus a few similiar by Sam Vaknin: ''Abuse in Relationships: gaslighting (ambient), overt, covert, by proxy'' And i'm wondering inyour opinion what are the diferences between narcissists and people suffering from cptsd (please don't slam me but i think that due to triggers and learned behaviour, everyone ends up asking themselves 'am i a narc?' because theres elements of the disorder that highlights our own behaviour.) I'm also wondering wether cptsd is the opposite end of the same spectrum as a narcissist due to comments made such as. 'if left untreated will get worse with age, something i definately have seen in my mother, and something i question due to her suffering quite alot of the symptoms i suffer from having cptsd, when i was a little girl, I don't know wether she had cptsd or wether she was gaslighting (again hard to judge, she also used to hit me over the back of the head with a hairbrush if i cried when she was doing my hair, while at the same time, complain that her mum used to hit her over the back of the head with a brush if she cried, but harder. I would actually feel sorry for her while being attacked with the back of a brush :/ ) and with all narcs potentially coming from abusive homes themselves, is there a chance they all too once had ptsd, which later manifested as narcissism. This brings me onto narcissist vs Psychopath. I personally believe there is a difference, yet trying to detemine how afraid i should be of a narcissist is hard to muster. Theres times i find them quite pitiful and laughable,(ex boyfriend and some close friends) and feel blessed to have ever been discarded no matter how hurtful it was at the time, then theres times where i'm truly terrified of my abusers (in this case parents) because they seem to have inflicted every form of abuse on me, and i can't help but think 'fred and rose west' (i won't go into detail here, sorry) I can label forms of abuse i have suffered at the hands of narcs, and some have differed from others, however, each seem to have stayed consistent with a technique. (ex boyfriend charmer, great lover etc, then i can never get anyone better than him, beaten, dumped for another girl, blamed for being too possesive. Fast forward 2 years he'd done exactly the same thing to the next girl (btw i was a nut just like his other exes) and was pulling same old tricks again on me. Black and white its so obvious, but not always when your in that situation. My parents however, whole different kettle of fish. They are so unpredictable, i can't black and white their nxt move as i don't know wether they are gonna accuse me of being mental and get social services involved in taking my kids away or try and get me sectioned, wether they're gonna go down the standard idealize, devalue discard route. Outright violently attack me, stalk me gaslight me smear me or quite often all at the same time. Is it possible that this could be more psychotic or still just plain narcissistic, But because of their influence being greater than that of a boyfriend, after all they raised me. Automatically induce a deeper fear and anxiety with them.

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